5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. I have come to understand it dosent matter the original meaning of VD. We as Christians have a love and love book that overrides all the pagan and world practices. We pray for God to reveal His glory to hearts that have head knowledge but not His Heart. I pray for all of us that we would not have a disdain for the gospel and love of the world. May our hearts be turned toward you. Heavenly Father, send laborers into the Harvest field. We ask for Pastors and teachers that love your Word and the teaching thereof. Open our hearts to receive truth. Help us as believers to labor together for You in word and deed that outsiders would see this love and join our family! In Christ Name, I make my prayers known.

    Rocket and Bonnie have taught me to be kind, loving while offering Hope to one another!

  2. What beautiful thoughts sent by Bonnie and Rocket and such beautiful expressions and poses to go with those thoughts…a real Valentine treat! Happy Valentine’s Day to you also Bonnie and Rocket.

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