Tilly Pearl



My name was Sheba or that was my street ID! I gave birth to three beautiful sets of kittens. Good meaning thoughtful rescue humans captured my babies and found them forever homes. They tried so hard to capture me but I was scared and untamed. A lady named Wanda and team one day finally captured me. They took me to a Vet to neuter me only to find out I was with kittens again. They gave me anesthesia to take care of me. My ear also was clipped so I could be id’d as having been neutered and would be returned to busy streets.

A good lady ย named Patti heard my story and wanted to adopt me. ย But, most of us know that is almost impossible with a feral like me. But, remember I am a ย “Black Cat” and some believe we have intuition beyond our means. When I awoke from my surgery I was calm, loving and accepting of humans and love.

Patti agreed to give me a forever home. It was a little difficult decision in that she has three other kittens as well as two big doggies. She had to financially squeeze to fit me in. She has faith that all will be well and has turned me into Princess Tilly Pearl!

I am hoping some will feel to support others like me.

Love, Tilly Pearl

15 thoughts on “Tilly Pearl

  1. What a beyond wonderful rescue story! I love the way Tilly Pearl wrote her account. Her eyes are amazing and when I saw her picture I thought she was a beautiful statue. Blessings to all tha made her rescue possible and to her ‘forever home’ owner, Patti. What a transformation in Tilly Pearl’s character.

    1. Debi, her eyes won my ๐Ÿ’–! I agree she looks so unreal. Isn’t there a saying eyes are windows to the inner being.

      Someone once told me offering me a wit of wisdom, “when you see a brilliant light, let your eyes run up the shaft to see its source. ” Tilly Pearl has my eyes on a search,

    2. Debi thank you for your beautiful chapter to Tilly Pearl’s story! You are just so very special to all of us! I am so glad God gives us Angels to help and love us! You are certainly one of them! Much love to you๐Ÿ’–

      1. Patti, your love in action for Tilly Pearl and other cats (and dogs as well) that you have deeply cared for and nurtured is such an beautiful example of God’s hands and heart touching them. May many people be inspired to help fulfill your wish that, “every single one could have a happy miracle and have a soft, safe place to lay their head with a human to love them forever!!!”

  2. Sara thank you for this beautiful gift! What a beautiful summation of Tilly Pearl’s life! She truely is a beautiful princess! I am so blessed to be the final destination in this journey of her rescue! Thank you for loving her….and for giving me moral support in my efforts to save the animal kingdom๐Ÿ˜˜ My heart is much bigger that my pocket is full! But you always make me feel a hero none the less! Your story is priceless and means so much to me! Your compassion is overwhelming! I love you my friend๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

    1. Patti, you are our hero! God has gifted you with a very unique gift! You have a way of making us all feel better about ourselves. Often our gifts feel so small we fail to use or give them when the need calls. But, when people join hearts and hands to show kindness it seems JOY implodes,

      Tilly Pearl is a beauty. She has a story to tell for the ages. My husband, Gary, just read her story and was touched. We hope her story will be a catalyst to rescue many others.

    1. Sara how wonderful that others want to help the other kitties that had the same sad fate as Tilly Pearl had before! I spoke with Wanda so I would relay the best answer to you…She says they were a pilot program in the TNR project in their town of Grifton NC…She knows not the donor of the funds that sponsored this magnificent project to help these homeless cats…whether an individual or a company …However this funding was only for 1 year…and will end in September so they will be losing funds in a few weeks…the funds helped with spay/neuter through the Spay Today program…they also provided drop traps and transfer cages to capture the kitties and transport to vet and back….these things will have to be returned to them next month as well…The donor will then move on to another town and bless them with their help! They always can use food, dry and wet, and the kitties love treats….these are some ideas to ponder! Inside homes are always needed for the kitties that are tame enough to place with a family…. I wish every single one could have a happy miracle and have a soft, safe place to lay their head with a human to love them forever!!!โค Thank you is not enough to say for your interest in and concern for these precious ones that have no words…God bless and keep you always!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  3. Love my DIL, Tammy M that takes her time, money and love to add a bit of food for my little angel ministry in NC when she shops at Harris T.
    Thank you Tammy M!

  4. The Scripture that has been often quoted on THE LILY describes what is going on here among God’s saints. “The Lord cares for man and beasts alike.” That is the Creator taking responsibility for His creation…can we do less? And, a reminder: His animals have not sinned against Him as mankind has done.
    This kitty-cat is a true beauty. Can God create anything less than beautiful for in His eyes and through His eyes we see beauty. He has chosen to give to Tilly Pearl’ eyes the same color as HIS RAINBOW about His Throne . What an honor for Tilly Pearl. Could she be any less than gorgeous!!
    Blessings of koinonea upon Tammy M. and Patty W for their open hearts of love…to honor God’s creation with magnanimity of heart and pocketbook. and moreso LOVE..how like Jesus!!.

    1. MG that was so beautifully spoken! You are just an angel! Thank you so much for loving my kitties and me! You have been such a blessing! I just love you!๐Ÿ’œ

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