My name was Sheba or that was my street ID! I gave birth to three beautiful sets of kittens. Good meaning thoughtful rescue humans captured my babies and found them forever homes. They tried so hard to capture me but I was scared and untamed. A lady named Wanda and team one day finally captured me. They took me to a Vet to neuter me only to find out I was with kittens again. They gave me anesthesia to take care of me. My ear also was clipped so I could be id’d as having been neutered and would be returned to busy streets.

A good lady ย named Patti heard my story and wanted to adopt me. ย But, most of us know that is almost impossible with a feral like me. But, remember I am a ย “Black Cat” and some believe we have intuition beyond our means. When I awoke from my surgery I was calm, loving and accepting of humans and love.

Patti agreed to give me a forever home. It was a little difficult decision in that she has three other kittens as well as two big doggies. She had to financially squeeze to fit me in. She has faith that all will be well and has turned me into Princess Tilly Pearl!

I am hoping some will feel to support others like me.

Love, Tilly Pearl