Diary of Tilly Pearl


Day 2… (See day 1 in blog below) I looked in the mirror and saw a scissor clip on my ear. I rested on my back and realized my body had been altered for life. Yet, I felt a joy and peace packed in a package of pink that gave me a comfort beyond a feral cat’s purr diary. Can you see?

I’m healing well, says my MOMMIE, PATTIE image She talks to me a lot. She feeds me on time. I know soon I will meet my three new fur brothers. I have learned one human word well, love! I want to thank my first responders that first rescued me. https://www.facebook.com/Peggys-Purrpose-the-TNR-Group-of-Grifton-1499135613736020/?pnref=story

I’m from eastern NC and hope to be your friend as we work together to bring love to humans and animals alike. Until next purr diary.  💕 Tilly Pearl

6 thoughts on “Diary of Tilly Pearl

  1. Oh I LOVE this! A Purr diary for Tilly Pearl💜 Tears flowing again! So much emotion fills my soul with the story of this little one’s life! What a gift to her this is! She loves to have her tummy rubbed…it must sooth the scar left from her life changing surgery and the rough evidence left from nursing babies for so long…these things I gently try to erase as I rub and whisper to her….”That part of your life is done precious one, Now you will only feel Mommie’s gentle hand while you stretch and purr and softly touch my face with your paw!” Her story will continue in a most wonderful way….I thank you for adding glory to each new chapter of Tilly Pearl’s Purr Diary! My heart is so happy!❤

    1. Patti, I often think of faith and its twin kind-good deeds. Surly, Patti and Wanda have shown us how important kind deeds are. I am filled with hope that the ones of us that need the daily inspiration to not grow weary while doing good but grow stronger and do more will do just that. Kinda of like a back to school splurge. Let’s stay focused. And, continue to encourage one another.

      Lots of love and healing to Tilly Pearl!

  2. I’m adding some tears to Mommie Patti’s as I read this incredible Diary of Tilly Pearl, look at the pictures and read on through the comments filled with expressions of much love. Thanks for sharing the TNR-Group-of-Grifton page… Wanda and those first responders do such amazing, painstaking work and THEN take more time and care to capture it in photos to share out. Wonderful to read it all.

  3. Oh, how blessed we are to meet Tilly Pear and learn about her previous life. And as we read her daily journal we see how the Love of God has come into her life and rescued her out of harm’s way. And so we bless those who made it possible to bring Tilly Pearl….and other kitties…. into a safe and healthier life.
    And The Lord has sent Tilly Pearl to us for such a time as this. To every thing there is a season. And this is the time for her to be sent to us to help us to learn more about the wisdom and love of God.
    Thank You Lord for Your creative ways of teaching us about the Love of God.

    1. Tammy, isn’t God wonderful in the way He shows His compassion and love. I read these words just this morning from “HEART BEATS with the pulse of compassion. God’s heart is not hardened toward the plight of the world; it is not callous and cold in the face of suffering. … God’s heart is moist. It is moved by the cries of those who suffer, and it delights in the beauty of creation’s flourishing….” Frank Rogers, Jr.

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