Thanks to all my new Lilly friends for making me a center piece of your vision and mission, HOPE PEACE JOY! This is day three of my journal entry. I will not post daily. As you know a girl needs a few secrets. I wanted you to see my photo trek journal of rags to riches which I think shows a dimension of your mission, HOPE PEACE JOY. 

“Sheba” aka as Tilly Pearl,  and her last two kittens, Oreo and Dusty…This was the abandoned house where she lived …under the porch….doing everything a loving, caring feral does to protect her kittens. Look a kitty peaking from under the steps. They are safe. Wanda, my BFF has found them loving forever homes.


Sheba seems like a trillion years ago. I was told Sheba did a lot of good things under duress and danger for her babies which gave her a new life and name, Tilly Pearl! My MOMMIE, Patti, tells me I am a back Pearl that worked through many obstacles to become her black pearl. Don’t you just love my MOMMIE, Pattie? Always remember my BFF, Wanda!  I love her!

My new friend, Sara, spends all her time telling Bible stories and wants us to know the BIble has lots of things to say about pearls:

”Matthew 7:6 ; 13:46 ; Revelation 21:21. The pearl oyster is found in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. Its shell is the “mother of pearl,” which is of great value for ornamental purposes ( 1 Timothy 2:9 ; Revelation 17:4 ). Each shell contains eight or ten pearls of various sizes…”

I hope my new MOMMIE reads these stories to me. My new friend, Sara, wants her to.

Love to all,  your friend, Tilly Pearl image