Through the looking glass of nature we can learn much about the spiritual things of God.

The other day I had just come home and I walked out to the screened in porch. I heard a slight commotion on the screen. When I looked closer there was a tiny hummingbird with his beak caught in the screen and his little wings beating frantically trying to free himself to no avail. I tried to ease his beak out of the screen but it wouldn’t budge. I didn’t know if I should touch him or not.
In an instant I thought he will die so I rushed to the other side to free hm. I gently pulled him out of the screen. He flew away as fast as his little wings could carry him.

Earlier this summer I was pruning bushes and down among the limbs, I saw something yellow. When I picked the pile of limbs up the yellow was a yellow butterfly. I thought I had killed him when I picked the branches up. I proceeded to pull the branches away from his body. Oh no, was he dead. He laid e perfectly still with wings extended. I gently placed him in the palm of my hand and said a prayer for him to be healed. Suddenly his little body climbed from my palm and up my wrist and flew away.

With all that has been happening in Houston and Florida and adjoining states, we can certainly see the same kindness shown to the beautiful people who needed help so desperately and the loving helping hands that snatched some from certain death or carried others from a bad situation, giving a loving touch and prayers to God to give healing and hope to each person and freedom to fly again. Thank you God for those who serve others tirelessly and lovingly.

Philippians 2:4 …not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.