11 thoughts on “Oliver the Pig

    1. Debi, he was the cutest little thing. He was so smart. So obedient, loving and kind. He loved the kids and dogs. Oliver is awesome. I am still thinking about how God created that little piggy. 🐷🐷🐷

  1. Wow! Sara, sounds like if he were the pig in the book ‘Charlotte’s Web’ that Charlotte the spider may have weaved the words you used above to describe him.
    He sure sounds like an amazing creature.

    1. Debi, when you mention Wilbur, the pig [was that his name?] from Charlotte’s Web, it gives interest how a story lingers in the forever column being called a classic.

      It seems the author, E. B. White and illustrator Garth Williams; someway knew the deep depth of the life of the pig and defending ‘friendship’ through thick and thin and into generation after generation. Now, that’s my thought of White’s story. But, we know he delighted the minds of children and adults alike to read and reread until you gather a thought to hold dear.

      I can’t stop thinking of Oliver, the pig, that was a guest at a gathering I attended with many Ivy leaguers minds around that I wanted to glean from and I did. But, Oliver, won my ❀️.

  2. I really love reading your thoughts, Sara, of White’s story!
    And yes, Wilbur was his name…and in the end of story, though Charlotte was gone, I think Wilbur was a good friend to her children.

  3. Sounds like Oliver was special like Wilbur. When teaching my students loved acting the story out every year and there was always a big argument over who would be Wilbur.

    When i was a small child my sister and I fed the pigs. We loved them. In the summer they weren’t in the pig pen and we would search in their house for them. Not seeing them we continued playing in their house. My mom would catch us every time. Shuck caught again!

    1. Hey Rena, you and your sister were playing pig tag! Now that a funny. Sure got me laughing running around chasing real pigs! 🐷🐷🐷

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