“Today, the questions in the church are different. In the church, as in much of life, “Who benefits?” is more important than the validity of certain beliefs. So the primary question becomes, “How can the church benefit me?” For this reason we see persons “shopping’ for congregations that can provide the most.” – Joe E. Pennel Jr. “God, Cornbread, and Elvis”

Pastor Pennel also states,  “AS TIME PASSES, questions change. Back in the 1960s when I became a pastor, the primary faith question was, “Is it true?” College students, teachers, scientists, and others wanted to know the truth as presented by Christianity. Study groups, classes, conferences, and conversations went on and on about the convictions and claims of Christianity. …”

 When we read the Word of God it spans thousands of years.  When we read the words and opinion of Pastor Pennel he snapshots maybe 60 years or less. It sounds like we are facing a church that has veered in dangerous waters in less than 60 years. This type of thinking and reporting really gets my attention. My question that’s looking for an answer. Does either church, ‘the back in the 60’s or ‘the now church’  either model the church of over 2,000 years ago? If so, in what way?