6 thoughts on “Outline for Judges

  1. Thanks for sharing your notes, Tammy, and helping us stay focused.
    I have been reading and re-reading the last paragraph in the study outline where Pastor Reggie says: “We must not miss the book’s intention……” I sure want to stay focused on the revelation he speaks of.

  2. Thank you TAMMY for sharing. I have read and reread and listened and relistened to the audio. So many tribes and locations. My take away so far is that among the many in that day as even today we find, that many are disobedient to God – the ones who heard God’s directives and those who could care less about God. Those who got the directive decide to follow the directive from God or not and the others do whatever is good in their eyes and both those who are disobedient to God will be judged by THE Judge – God.. Judgement will fall. There is no setting a dial of sin not so bad, bad, or the most terrible of all sins. Sara said, Sin is sin no matter whose skin it’s in. . We see it in Judges and the theme runs throughout the Bible.

    So glad to hear the teaching as we are seeing the same thing played out on the screens everyday.

    1. Reading in black and white, “sin is sin no matter whose skin it’s in” gives me a sense of comfort as it should give all that understands, ‘The Cross of Christ Jesus.”

      I hear daily on radio by America law makers, “no man is above the law.” Yes, there is a comfort in that as well as we want safety in our communities, fairness in our workplaces etc etc. Yet, we know both of these statements are only as good as the judges or higher authority.

      There is One Judge that will and is the only One that is capable to give fair judgement with exactness of mercy. I think Pastor Reggie in lesson 4, ‘The Pattern of The Period of The Judges” (lesson above) makes this point when Israel was in chaos, Reggie uses the Title, Yahweh, gave emergency measures…divine mercy!

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