Pastor/Teacher Reggie Webb-Book of Judges lesson 3


Teaching Title-“Condemned by The Angel of the Lord.”

Grab a cup of coffee, pen and pad and enjoy this in-depth study on the Book of Judges. Reggie will challenge you in various ways from testing your knowledge of many of God’s greats and enemies while challenging our life on obedience.

Teacher Reggie claims to be age 95! 😉 Sure, 🤦‍♂️that’s just giving us a break for a coffee refill. Laugh, Stand and Applaud! 😂🚶🏼‍♂️👏🏻

My suggestion for us as we listen to these lessons individually and in our small group studies. a) pray for endurance to study. b) Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate truth, understanding and wisdom for knowledge and application. c) pray for our teacher, Pastor Reggie as he faithfully studies and bravely delivers this timely message to all that will listen. d) And, finally pray for seekers to find their way to church and to these online lessons now and for time to come.

Keep in mind as you start this lesson, you will be asked; “Why have you done this?”

Feel free to join us here for comments and questions. If you desire more info about your faith contact Pastor Reggie at 252-482-3788

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Judges-Reggie Webb



8 thoughts on “Pastor/Teacher Reggie Webb-Book of Judges lesson 3

  1. Our Small Group discussion highlight on this lesson today was the mammoth amount of vital info that was extracted from this lesson.

    Some of the topics we are working on; 1) sin has consequences 2) in our walk with the Lord do we find the problem for our failure to be money, family influence (Lack of iron chariots) or is it disobedience to God and lack of faith 3) are we doing a good job of passing our faith on to the next generation 4) how does it feel to have an irritant to your eyes and a throne in your flesh

    So many great topics for discussion….awee, Do you know the difference between an angel of the Lord vs The Angel of the Lord?

    1. 1) “sin has consequences “…I have in my notes 📝 from the lesson by Reggie: and verse 3-4 of chapter 2: “ the Isrealites had chosen a path of disobedience; therefore, just weeping. God asked why, “ ( not because our omniscient God doesn’t know), “but because they needed to deal with their disobedience. God warns the Israelites that the Canaanites will be thorns in their sides and their gods will be a snare to them.” Could these thorns and snare be an indication of some of the consequences of their sin? If so, no wonder they called that place Bokim, which we learned from Reggie’s lesson means, “ the place of weeping”.

      1. “Could these thorns and snare be an indication of some of the consequences of their sin?”
        Tammy, your question prompted me to go read up on thorns in the scriptures. They sure seemed to be associated with sin.
        Adam and Eve sinned and God cursed their ground and said “It will produce thorns and thistles for you,”. (Gen 3:18).
        “Thorns and snares are in the path of the wicked” (Prov 22:5). And looks like thorns even choke out good…
        “and the thorns sprung up, and choked them “(Matt 13:7)

  2. “Do you know the difference between an angel of the Lord vs The Angel of the Lord?”, you asked Sara. I thought Pastor Reggie’s lesson brought clarity for me between an angel and The Angel of the Lord…and answered the question. My understanding of what he said was that THE Angel of the Lord is an appearance of God Himself – God taking on physical form. He called it theophany and said that those that encountered The Angel of the Lord thought they were dealing with God Himself. Also, he pointed out that the reason The angel of the Lord appeared and asked them the question “Why have you done this?” was to expose them and cause them to look inwardly to seek the answer that God Himself already knows.

    1. God Himself! ‘Theophany’…The Angel of the Lord…This calls for some mindful thoughts to prepare myself for conversations on angels that seem to be todays mantra of all humans unpon leaving their earthly bodies becoming angels watching over their earth families.

      In asking myself these type questions after listening to our lessons this one falls within my outline of ❓’s on what am I doing to speak faith into the next generation.

      1. Sara, I think your question, “❓’s on what am I doing to speak faith into the next generation.” sure makes me take some serious thought and examination.
        And Pastor Reggie gave a warning where he said,”a generation that does not teach its children will lose them to false religion and worldly living.”

    2. God in physical form, theophany….😳😱…. wouldn’t that get someone’s attention?🤷‍♀️😳😧 I wonder how many times God has tried to get my attention and I stayed steady about my agenda😔😥

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