Pastor/Teacher Reggie Webb-Book of Judges lesson 3

Teaching Title-“Condemned by The Angel of the Lord.” Grab a cup of coffee, pen and pad and enjoy this in-depth study on the Book of Judges. Reggie will challenge you in various ways from testing your knowledge of many of God’s greats and enemies while challenging our life on obedience. Teacher Reggie claims to beContinue reading “Pastor/Teacher Reggie Webb-Book of Judges lesson 3”

Series on Judges

Countryside Church of Christ-Edenton, NC Lesson 2 “Failure to drive out Canaanites”. If you’re in  the area come out on Sunday evenings and join in our Bible Study on Judges given by our Pastor/Teacher, Reggie Webb. And, join us here as we study and participate together. Love hearing your comments as we dig into thisContinue reading “Series on Judges”