Week Thirteen-Judges


“The reduction of Gideon’s Army” Plus recap from last week.

Tammy and Chris Holton,

Thanks for listening and contributing in your thoughts with your great comments as we study the Book of Judges with Pastor Reggie. 💜Tammy

11 thoughts on “Week Thirteen-Judges

  1. Thanks Tammy for your part getting us caught up from lesson 12. Thanks Pastor Reggie for your help and patience in recap for us. Also, for allowing us (people from all walks of life, different states and internationally) to be a part of this study. And, especially including us in your prayers.

    Now, I’m stuck on “unbelief.“ Therefore, I’m back to second listening. Pastor Reggie surely gives us a week of study work.

  2. 135,000 men to 300 men (450:1 ratio) if I understood the lesson correctly?? With those numbers 😱 I wonder if I would be a little like Gideon…..????😬😳… give me a sign Lord 😩😳😬😧 sounds like I would be on the “unbelief” list😢😔

  3. A couple of points that stood out to me from Pastor Reggie’s teaching was that he said God is a God of patience and how much He wanted to help Israel …(more than “quibble” with Gideon); that He is always true to His word, though Gideon was not; and that He used so few to deliver Israel because he wanted to make sure Israel had no grounds for boasting.

  4. “ Ann Smith is well into her tenth decade of life. She is smart, wise, witty, and perceptive. She is a global thinker and international traveler. She spends a disproportionate amount of her time with college students, young married couples, and mid-life persons in ministry.
    Ann and her husband Nathan were long-term missionaries to Japan. …🇯🇵

    At the beginning of each decade, Ann asks God to show her what He wants to grow in her. She asks God to give her a clear insight into her deficiencies and a vision of what He is calling her to become in this decade of her life. One of the things she believes she should work on:✝️✝️✝️
    “When meeting any human being, ask God to reveal what He had in mind when He made them, then to give the grace to treat them as if that had already been accomplished.” From Gloria Gaither’s blog✝️✝️✝️

    Today Gary and I listened together as Pastor Reggie reintroduced us to Gideon. Yes, we sang happy songs in SS of Gideons win and we tell the fleece stories in our dialogue with others at times. We really have heard a lot about Gideon. But, when Reggie catapulted us into Gideons Life through his excellent storytelling all I could think was, Gideon is a real mess. Yet, I was reminded of Ann Smith’s words above, ✝️✝️✝️When meeting any human being, ask God to reveal what He had in mind when He made them, then to give the grace to treat them as if that had already been accomplished.”✝️✝️✝️ Sure help me to understand Gideon . And, hopefully help Tammy and I get out of “unbelief” jail.

      1. Yeah Tammy, we recognize our need and place our trust in the Truth and the giver of life and truth. I love how we can share heart to heart as we study the life of God’s chosen and how He trusted them to complete the task given them as they wobbled like a newborn.

        I truly believe it’s times like this we can find inner strength to do as a I heard a retired Presbyterian minister say, “daily be up and doing.”

  5. What stands out to me was Gideon was timid and shy, therefor not by all appearances a mighty warrior. He asked for sign after sign to confirm and reconfirm what God had said before stepping out. God was patient. (Thank goodness for me and Gideon) God was faithful, Gideon wasn’t . Gideon knew or hoped he hadn’t crossed the line to make His God angry. (Oops I’d better be careful too). Gideon saw God cut and cut the army to 300. Well even with all the above which Pastor Reggie told us., we’d think, wow will Gideon really step out or turn around and head home. NO Gideon stepped out not by himself but with God as Pastor Reggie said. Whether Gideon’s foot was shaking like mine would have, he stepped out. In stepping out what others wouldn’t have imagined that victory was Gideons. Like Pastor Reggie said, Nothing can hinder God’s plan whether many or few.

  6. Yes Sara it sure does. We see the reality of earthy attempt to follow God and God’s patience with us. Through the opening of the scripture Pastor Reggie shows us we are not the fairest in the land. God is!

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