7 thoughts on “Lesson Eleven Book of Judges

  1. Two things that I understood from the lesson so far: 1) Gideon drew the wrong conclusions about God and blames Him for the dire straits that they were in rather than acknowledging personal or community responsibility for the problem.
    2) Even though God was not to blame for the problem, God said He was going to solve the problem by calling, strengthening and using weak Gideon to do the work.

    1. I took a few notes last Sunday night at church, during the sermon that may go along with your comment here Debi? “”Gideon had two conclusions: 1) Yahweh had abandoned Israel. 2) Yahweh had delivered the nation into the hands of the Midianites.”

      1. Yes, thanks, Tammy, that is what I heard also from listening to Pastor Reggie’s online sermon and explains Gideon’s wrong conclusions.

  2. What stuck out to me was
    1. The Lord’s presence strengthens those who are willing to do His bidding.
    2. God does not look on the outward appearance but the heart.

    1. Rena, I had jotted down the same, from the lesson.”When God needs someone for an important task, social standing does not matter to God. He is concerned with the man’s heart.”

  3. I have another note written and I hope I understood Preacher Reggie right? It has to do with verse 13. “Gideon did not recognize the visitor yet”. 🤔

  4. I closed the lesson emotionally feeling great empathy for Gideon. Even more so when I geographically and socially located and identify Gideon as one of the poorer clans within the tribe of Manasseh. (Now Pastor Reggie thought this might be a flimsy excuse as he had goods on hand) Last week, Lesson 10, I quoted Psalm 108, “Manasseh is mine?” I was thinking then of The Tribe of Manasseh and this week I am thinking of the Clans within the tribe. Yes, Reggie reminds us Gideon was of one of the clans poorest in earth life ie according to Gideon’s words, but God saw him as a great warrior and greatly assisted him to see God within him. I still travel back to the simplistic comfort that Gideon was part of the clan that bannered under Manasseh.

    And, I smile with my online classmates 👭👭👭as each of us gathered around this truth as told in our lesson with individual expressions preparing us to ready for lesson 12. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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