7 thoughts on “Judges-Lesson Sixteen

  1. Tammy, I think you have made a closing argument without flaw. This case was extremely well presented. And, surely if we want to understand human kind just pause a short few minutes and study here with Reggie. He sure has the gift of storytelling and with passion and integrity of character truth flows from his inner being.

    These lessons are well recorded and would be great material for small group studies. I believe they could be so useful to encourage us to intercede for Our Nation and the Nations of the world.

    My ❓ Who was the first person to ever be crowned King in the nation of Israel? How effective was his rule?
    As some of you know I’m on a 30 day challenge of kindness shown (see Kindness blogs below)so I leave this study with this meditation…
    My today thought of action; “they Failed to show kindness…”

    1. “My ❓ Who was the first person to ever be crowned King in the nation of Israel? How effective was his rule?”

      In I Samuel I found that it said Israel wanted a king and Samuel anointed Saul as king of Israel. He proved to be disobedient to the Lord and God ultimately rejected him as king. Not very effective.

      I thought it significant that Pastor Reggie pointed out that even though Gideon declined to be king at the request of the people, that by naming his son by the concubine, Abimelech, meaning “my father is king” that Gideon’s real inner desire was to be king…and he sure lived a lavish life like one.

      1. Debi, is Saul your answer according to Reggie’s teaching? Are you sure Saul was crowed the first King of Israel? Yes, this is open book exam…

  2. From the teachings of Reggie I believe Abimelech became the first king. He was not one appointed by God. He appointed himself and by underhandness and slide of hand, he got what he wanted. He became the oppressor and Godless one. He performed a mass murder of his brothers with only one of the 70 escaping. He paid thugs to do the dirty work. God’s hand of judgement for unfaithfulness and spiritual decline of Isreal was punished by internal discord and strife.

    1. Rena, good job! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Our lessons are packed with great info. I must say I often have to listen more than once and still miss very important things that are helpful to living a life pleasing to The Lord. So happy and grateful to have this online input to help me learn.

  3. Thank you Sara and Rena for correcting me on my incorrect answer regarding the first person ever to be crowned king. And I need to listen again as well.

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