10 thoughts on “Judges Lesson 7 Pastor Reggie Webb

  1. From this lesson I learned that Deborah was a different kind of judge than the others. Not only was she a woman, but she had been been active in her role for sometime prior to being involved in the deliverance from Sisera. She was a prophetess and also a judge in the sense of the word where she rendered decisions in court cases.
    I had always thought that Barak may have been cowardly, but Pastor Reggie pointed out that that may not have been necessarily true. He may have wanted Deborah to go with him because she “had a direct line to God”.

  2. What I learned was what an oxgoad was. In Judges 3: 31 “After him was Shamgar the son of Anat, who killed 600 Philistines with an oxgoad, and he saved Israel.” Pastor Reggie said it was about 8 to 10 feet long and one end had a sharp point for prodding the animals and the other end had a chisel to clean plow shears.” I sure don’t want to speculate how he killed 600.

    Later Pastor Reggie said God is looking for willing servants to bring great victory. So willing Shamgar killed 600 using something God had fully equipped him in using (not some new thing) and being a willing servant God again saved Israel.

    1. I believe Pastor Reggie said, “God can win great victories with whatever is in the hand of a WILLING SERVANT.” I believe he used a couple of illustrations from the Bible, one being the oxgoad, mentioned here, in Judges and Samson using the dry jawbone of a donkey.

  3. I’m also fascinated with their ‘war weapons’. When I pause and think of those antiquated weapons that might not even get an honorable mention on the nightly news. Yet, ‘divine power’ keeps showing elements that points to the power of a rugged cross.

    This thought was picked up by Debi as well in her comment above…We hear the mention of a woman, Deborah, that knew and obeyed God. Reggie makes mention of 4 different qualities of the other judges 1) woman 2) she had been judging Israel 3) Prophetess 4) had a regular spot for which when judged…under a palm tree

    Often, when we find ourselves in our homes with a handful of faithful ones that cry out for help for our nation(s) we might become discouraged when we see no way out. Keep listening to our lesson where we see people, time, plans, etc might just be going on in spots we can’t see at moment. But, a prophetess might be just at hand.

  4. Jael! I have tried to make a mind photo of what Jael looked like? What do you think she looked like?
    Again, we see God’s Providence at work in the background of moving Jael and her husband to be in position to fulfill the destiny and prophecy of Deborah. A woman gets the win?

    1. The notes in my Bible regarding Jael says, “Because woman of that day were in charge of pitching the tents, Jael had no problem driving the tent peg into Sisera’s head while he slept.” So knowing that woman had that kind of work, I would picture her as strong. She may have had a facial expression that was determined and confident. When I looked up online what her name may have meant, one source said “a wild or mountain goat”. So, she was may have been quick and agile with a weathered look to her.

      1. Thanks Debi, your description of Jael sure gives me a snapshot to start our new lesson with. I love Reggie’s storytelling and I like to walk out in my mind the scenes of the times, people and culture. Jael was a most interesting lady! She was surely about the work God placed before her.

        Looking forward to our next lesson!

    2. “A woman gets the win?” Yes, I believe we learn this before the encounter ever happens in verse 9? “Very well’, Deborah said, ‘I will go with you. But because of the way you are going about this, the honor will not be yours, for the Lord will hand Sisera win to a WOMAN.”….

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