7 thoughts on “Righteous Acts of the Lord-Lesson 9

  1. Just starting my outline for this lesson: Searching of hearts! Ringing calls, …wake up….take action…accepting situations as they are…stirring in the hearts of those with leadership qualities…Blessing or scorn…Jordan River…half tribes 😧…stars fighting from heaven…no more Plunder…astrology?..Who is the master of the universe?…Talking Angel…tent dwelling women…Blessed is Jael…a Mother’s 💙…

      1. Something that struck me from the lesson was: it doesn’t matter about the weapons of war you have, iron chariots, etc. “they are no Match for the ALMIGHTY GOD”

  2. On thing that stood out to me in the lesson was that Deborah, a mother in Israel, asked for a response to her divinely inspired and led call to battle. She got none from some of the tribes. This made me wonder if one reason those tribes did not respond and failed to fight may have been because they didn’t believe God could directly speak to and use a woman in this way.
    I understood from the lessons that to the men of these tribes and armies it was a huge disgrace to die at the hands of a woman like Jael also.

    1. My heart went out to the Mother of Sisera. She waited, wondered and worried, where was her son? She made excuses that seemed logical. They are dividing the spoil…Yet, her son didn’t come home.

      War leaves families tattered and torned. Many wars throughout the world raging at this moment. Parents, children, family waiting for their loved one to return.

      God so loved the 🌎…that He gave His only son for an eternal purpose. When I put compassion into this account found in Judges I find my ❤️ overflowing with sadness. What have I prayed, said or done in the ‘ether of eternity’ on behalf of Mothers and families waiting for a loved one to return home.

  3. What made me stop and ponder was the statement: “Before the masses can be revived, there has to be a stirring in the hearts of those who have leadership skills.” In this case, Jael and Barak ‘s hearts were stirred up. These were Godly leaders who wanted only to serve God. And they did it well.

    However contemplating the opposite of Godly leadership makes me very nervous.

    The good thing is God will win every time .

    1. Rena, I, too, thought about “stirring the 💙’s with leadership qualities to come forth. Someway it makes me think, “many are called but few are chosen.” Matt 22:14

      How often we bury our heads when it’s hard to speak up and nail a head.

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