2 thoughts on “Book of Amos lesson 3

  1. In listening to this lesson, Pastor Reggie sure gave us the details of the judgments being exactly carried out on Syria and Gaza according to the words of Amos. I thought it significant that he told us the reference to Sovereign Lord was found 19 times in the short book of Amos yet only 5 times in all the other minor prophets. And that that title stresses the Lordship of God and that He is in control. Every word of Amos came true.
    Pastor Reggie told us that when the moral law is broken, God promises judgement and that judgement will come…maybe not according to our timetable, but it will come according to God’s timetable.

  2. Ben- hadad, storm god… dash little children to the ground and rip open pregnant women. Horrid to hear! Horrid to think about selling humans for slavery. Lot more to hear in this hear.

    It sure sounds like now. It didn’t take a king to walk in a dept store and shoot any in sight. This is one killing among many in America. We seem to enjoy visiting slave plantations and tell our territory bit of history. What now? Oh Lord, have mercy. What now?

    Moral law broken the judgement of God will surely fall. Judgement is coming!

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