See Something Say Something

I awoke extra early this long sought after sleep-in Saturday morn a few minutes prior to my normal early hour rising. I was not real happy as my husband’s alarm went off because he forgot to turn it off as he left to let the doggies out. My attitude temp was rising because I really wanted to add 15 or so minutes to my sleep. After all the “Washington Nationals” had lost the game after I struggled to stay awake late last night and cheer them on only to face a loss.

I started the fuss from mouth as attitude temp sure needed a release. Then I found a big red Starbuck mug filled with Starbuck coffee and a friendly voice saying, I’m sorry. I huffed and puffed for a few seconds while taking my first sip of the gifted coffee. Then I gently started my prayers and meditation and the thoughts begin to marinate my mind on how often this week, “I spoke up and said something when I saw something.”

Often, I hear a gentle loving, thank you, with a life story that needed a little salve. One such story was a flora arrangement I was able to acquire from the skilled hands of Debi. A little note of what I had seen from a front desk lady in a Doctor’s office. A few days later I arrived to find her standing with open arms. The “something note” had turned into a joy dance with flowers being enjoyed by all. And, it’s a pretty big office. Yet, the words of the “something” did what a doctor’s office often does. Begin the healing.

I have other great stories from this week. Some thanked me with a little attitude. We all know some with growling attitudes of unforgiveness that just might need time, maybe years to change, if ever. All in all a good week for a seer like me.

Back to my Saturday morn attitude I’m on my second mug of coffee writing to you. But, in between I opened my iPad to read a devotion and my eyes fell upon the following article.

Do I believe The Holy Spirit to be a seer and always says something? You bet I do! Do you?

4 thoughts on “See Something Say Something

  1. Sara, I really appreciate reading your fresh perspective on “see something say something” and the outcomes it produced.

    It reminds me of Jesus who said He only did what He saw the Father doing. (John 5:19)…and that always made a big impact in lives. I think it goes along with what you wrote/asked, “Do I believe The Holy Spirit to be a seer and always says something? You bet I do! Do you?”

    Interesting article link you shared also on another’s story of what “see/say something” meant to her.

  2. “Debi, what does see something say something mean to you?”

    Sara, before I read this blog, I thought “see something say something” meant if you see something or someone suspicious or harmful, etc. you should tell the proper authorities. Reading this blog changed my understanding (not sure my understanding had any correct basis). Your example of how a seer, like yourself, “saw” something to do for someone, and then used your ability as a wordsmith to act, write and follow through on that “seeing” with a giving loving kindness. That gave the phrase “see something, say something” a whole new meaning to me.

    Then, when I read the link article by Michelle Icard, I saw through her example that she literally saw and heard girls behaving in a way she did not think was kind, etc.; and she addressed the issue and gave them a kind gift. Her seeing and action perspective seemed to flow out of who she was as she stated, “Professionally, I teach girls how to stand up for each other as part of my job and this felt like a problem I couldn’t ignore.”

  3. In thinking more on “Debi, what does see something say something mean to you?”I had a few more thoughts based on my understanding from the above.

    I am neither a ‘seer’ nor someone like the article author who counsels girls how to stand up. Rather, I am a hands-on person who prefers to do something to help meet the need that has been seen by the ‘seer’. So, when I see (understand/get directives) on what needs to be done, I am happy to have the ‘doing’ speak.

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