Holiday Beauty Tips

This Holiday Season…
It is important for us to remember to take care of ourselves this holiday season. So many times we put all of our thoughts and energy into taking care of others’ needs and we run ourselves down. It is important to take care of others, but we should also keep our own health in mind. We want to feel healthy, energetic, and great about the way we look.

Here are a few suggestions for taking care of our appearance this season:

1. Remember to use a moisturizer to keep skin soft and supple. The extremes in temperature will really dry skin out. (I believe that oil free moisturizers are best.)

2. Continue to use a sunscreen in winter. The harmful effects of the sun do not disappear just because it’s cold outside. Consider moisturizers with an SPF already included. (This will take care of suggestions one and two in one easy step.)

When choosing color cosmetics for the holidays:

1. Remember that skin tone is probably somewhat lighter than it was mid-summer. Unless the summer was spent indoors, we most likely need to invest in a lighter shade foundation.
2. Along with the new foundation, choose some new color products. Deeper colors are more appropriate for fall and winter. Remember that there will be lots of holiday gatherings to “glam” for, so don’t be afraid to step out of the “color comfort zone” and make some bold color choices.

If you need some one-on-one suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.
(703) 203-6962 or
You can also visit my website for great holiday color ideas or to experience a virtual makeover.

11 thoughts on “Holiday Beauty Tips

  1. I love cosmetics, moisturizers and good smells! U R right about the foundation color when weather changes and one has no sun tan. This year w/my bronze summer foundation I started to look orange but w/your help and Mary Kay’s beige foundation I am back on track.

    When in ? call or write Stacie!!! She is great!

    1. Stacie is right about dry skin in the colder months. But I just came into a cache of magnificent creams and lotions from Mary Kay given to me by my dear friends as birthday gifts and I am thrilled. The creams are truly exceptional and I, who suffer from paper thin, flaky skin on my hands, especially, could tell the difference as soon as I applied the cream. I am anxious to begin my hand therapy regime and look forward to luxuious hands. After all, that’s very important in my profession of PIANO PLAYING.

      1. MG’s wonderful 4 step hand treatment creams were purchased from Stacie who showed ‘one ‘of MG’s friends how to use and enjoy them during a recent group consultation get-together. Thanks Stacie for keeping the piano music rolling!

    2. Stacie is an excellent rep. for MARY KAY. She is gorgeous on the outside and beautiful on the inside. Mary Kay knows how to pick ’em. Thanks, Stacie, for your tips about lips and all.

      1. MG, thanks for your kind words. I am so glad that my dear friend Debi introduced me to all of you. Getting on this website and hearing all the things you all say really makes my day!

  2. I love the MK SPF moisturizer which I use daily as I work outside a lot. I used another brand for years but Stacie got me to try this one and now I’m sold on it. Iuse it as my day and night cream. Thanks for these beauty tips and the other ones you’ve helped me with.

    1. Coppers and Golds are really hot for the holiday season.Wear them boldly at night with a bold lip color. Something with a little shimmer goes a long way. During the day, continue with some shimmer, but stick to neutrals like browns, creams and even onyx can work.

  3. Does Mary Kaye have products for men. I work out in the sun a lot and have had skin cancer and always looking for some extra protection for face.

    1. We have some men’s prooducts. Mostly cologne, but we have plenty of sunscreens that are perfect for male or female to protect against the sun’s rays.

  4. I hope many will ask Stacie about the buff for face. I tried a sample and got hooked. It is great!!

    Still have time today to go to Stacie’s site and enter the sweepstake. But, I hope I win!!!

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