It was Mrs. Wagoner, my third grade teacher that read us a story about a boy wanting to develop his muscles. The boy about twelve wanted to grow muscles. He went around his town asking people how to do this. He went to a house at the edge of town. There was a guy chopping wood. So the boy asked him, “mister do you know how to grow muscles, see mine are really small?”

The old guy said, “let me think about it, I’ll sit here while you chop some wood that’ll be the pay for me telling you how to grow muscles.” Well the boy chopped wood for an hour that day. He stopped and asked the guy “do you have any ideas yet?” The old guy said “no, but if you come back tomorrow this same time I’ll think about it some more while you chop wood.”

Well this same scene kept going every afternoon for two or three weeks. Finally the boy said, “look if you don’t know how to grow muscles I’ve got to find somebody that does.” The old guy called him over and told him to roll up his sleeve and bend his arm. There to the boy’s surprise was a muscle. He looked at his other arm and there was a muscle. The little boy was totally surprised.

Three things occurred to me as I wrote this, 1) I remember it, not all the details, but I remember it. 2) Teachers really impact their students life. 3) Maybe growing in relationship with God works similar to this story.