I discovered something On the subject of communication and interchange of thoughts and ideas and information In reframing  and reapplying the lesson on the gift of tongues from Paul in the Book of 1Corinthians 14:6-11.  Paul is speaking of Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues but the spiritual counsel he gives can be used in reframing how we think about communication and interaction among ourselves in the Body of Christ and life , in general.
He says, “ I would that you all spoke with  tongues but even more, that you would prophesy so that the church may be edified and built up by your exhortation.”  He explains further, “Now brothers and sisters, if I come to you speaking in another tongue or language how would that profit you as you have no idea what I am talking about; but rather I should speak to you clearly, with some knowledge and divine revelation or by the Word of God.  Then you would understand what I am saying to you.”

And here’s where his counsel hits home.   He says, “Even lifeless things, making a sound like a flute or a harp, unless they give their characteristic sound how would you know what the instrument was or the song played?  FOR IF THE TRUMPET GIVES AN UNCERTAIN CALL TO WAR SOUND who would be ready to go to battle?”  We could then also say, if we give uncertain words, or confusing logic in our statements, who can know what the message really means or what action we were supposed to take?
Paul says,” So, likewise, except that you speak words that are easy to be understood, who can tell what you are talking about?”  Paul is saying to the effect that there is so much babble in the world ,  already, that when we are not clear in our communication it just adds to the confusion and the misunderstanding. 
I would think that sometimes it is done purposely, to evade a commitment, to purposely hedge or equivocate. Other times it is out of lack of knowledge of how to speak with your fellow man and make sure that you are understood and continually redefining  what you are saying until the message is properly received.  That could be true of communicative writing as well as speaking.
Paul says, at the last, in verse 20, “ Brothers & sisters,  Be not children in understanding. Be men!”  In other words, “GROW UP!!!!”