We (our church) have four loans out with the following. Please read more about Kiva, And, read each story of the ones we have loaned to. Please pray for their success. As they repay us for their loans we will loan to others.
Kiva – What Is Kiva?
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Ms. Hai is 30 years of age and has two small children. Beside raising livestock and caring for her family, she is also into the hand-gloves making business. Glove-making is a growing trend in the community in which she lives. Every month, she is able to bring in 2.500.000d. This is in addition to the revenue she receives from raising livestock. This next loan, she is requesting an amount in which she plan on purchasing materials and a stitching/sewing machine. Read more of her story.
Kiva – Vu Thi Hai

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Kiva – Zukhra Khashimova

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Kiva – Gulmurod Kamolov

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Kiva – Trebol Group