29 thoughts on “Chips of Wisdom

  1. Basically I think one should face this first, Lying is a sin! And very serious to the ones you have chosen to hate and hurt. And more serious to yourself…

  2. Wallace, I am in total agreement with you Lying is a sin and Rev. 22:15…”outside the city will be those who love lies and tell lies. They will not eat from the tree of life. Right serious, don’t you think?

    But, hating is another big mountain to overcome. Galatians 5:20…”names hating, among other things our sinful selves seem to enjoy, And, vs. 21 says very clearly that those who hate will not inherit God’s Kingdom.” I have to pause and think if it were not for the Holy Spirit living within me, then the wickedness that lives in me would know no bounds. We must have boundaries in our lives to stop the dark side from ruling.

    I find my Hope in verses like Proverbs 28:13 “If you hide your sins, you will not succeed. If you confess and reject them, you will receive mercy.” And, vs. 18…”Innocent people will be kept safe, but those who are dishonest will suddenly be ruined.”

  3. Proverb 27:5 “It is better to correct someone openly than to have love and not show it.”If you don’t correct someone that you know needs correction, is this not lying and hatred? Just my searching for truth and to be able to know truth and then walk out truth.

    I sure don’t want to use my time proving others wrong just want to make sure The Holy Spirit and I are walking in stride.

  4. Thanks, Sara and Wallace for the “heads up” concerning LIES, the embellishing and enhancing of what is true and/or factual. And the ubiquitous LITTLE WHITE LIES or the withholding of some of the truth or some of the facts out of fear of retaliation, which is a real possibility. But in Jeremiah, the Lord God says, “don’t look at their faces” . But tell them the truth.
    It’s a wake up call to God’s people who, if we have lulled ourselves into complacency (which is self-deception and illusion) then we must repent immediately. God is not mocked. What we sow we reap.

  5. When one let’s their dark side rule with lies and hatred isn’t that what they want. That is Pride wanting to control I believe. Prov. 26:24, “those who hate you try to fool you with their words but in their minds they are planning evil.” Doesn’t pride set out to do evil to others thinking they will look and feel real good. Our sinful selves want what is directly against the Spirit of God.

    “pride goes (or comes) before a fall …proverb if you’re too conceited or self-important, something will happen to make you look foolish.” Proverbs sure have a lot to say about fools and foolish.

    Good discussion!

  6. A beautiful sales clerk @Nordstrom’s of another faith told me her Mother taught her there is no good lie. A lie is a lie! Yet, Christians will find excuses to lie knowing the consequences. As MG said above fear of retaliation….I guess this is fear of another more than fear of the consequences that surely will follow. Look MG @Prov 26:26 “Lies can hide hate but the evil will be plain to everyone.

    I think this is playing the fool!

  7. Wallace, I have been reading your comment over and over. I trust your wisdom of 78 years and walking with the Lord, You used the words “the ones you have chosen to hate and hurt.” That is a chink in one’s armor. Imagine to choose to hate or lie. When you do you have a chink in your armor, which is a weak point in character, arguments, or ideas, making you very vulnerable to attack or criticism.

    This dialogue is giving me a chink of light in my mind.

  8. Sara you have said here, “If you don’t correct someone that you know needs correction, is this not lying and hatred?” Good question! Now, I have been told, in the past, by an older person, regarding a “lie”…..”Well, I don’t lie, but I don’t want to hurt anybody, if they ask me a question…..like ‘how does this look? or do you like my new hair cut?’, ETC. (implying that they would say it looks great, when in fact they thought it looked terrible) Hard to correct someone, when you know they will not receive it? Just wondering if we can have some discussions on these matters?

  9. Needles, with just a little creativity you would be able to tell the truth on how you thought a hair cut looked on them without lying.

    As for the older person teaching the younger one to lie perhaps you should in love teach the older one how to speak truth. As a nurse that believes in healing you could think on scriptures like Proverb 3:8
    “Do not be wise in your own eyes;
    Fear the LORD and depart from evil.
    It will be health to your flesh,[a]
    And strength[b] to your bones.”

    When you teach the older one not to lie which is evil, will be healing to their flesh and strength to their bones.

  10. Good thought, wise counsel. I also know what Needles is saying. I guess it’s all in the approach. In my experience of teaching children, when I reprimand or correct them sternly & publicly there sometimes results rebellious or resentful acting out. But when I take them privately and appeal to them gently but firmly, there is an interaction there and these results are much more advantageous to the child and to the classroom environment. Unfortunately in a 1/2 hour a week class there is NOT much time to take children who are acting out or who are disruptive, thus aside using up all instuctional time.
    What I am trying to say is that maybe (conjecture) when a friend, family member or colleague or sister or brother in Christ, needs correcting or the truth told to them for love’s sake, their own good as well as others, I suppose the APPROACH is what might be the key to whether you have gained your friend/brother or set up barriers.
    Paul says to be careful when you feel to correct a friend/brother being circumspect and self-controlled lest you fall into a trap also.

  11. If someone ask you how you like their hair cut why would you need to take then aside and talk with them. Just tell them, what is the beef here?

  12. Needles, I understand what you are saying. But, if someone ask, tell truth. Why would they ask if they wanted a lie. Therefore I must go around and judge oh if I tell that lady truth it will hurt her feelings so I will lie! Now she and I have become strange bed partners. We are like I know something you don’t know. I take great pride in lying to you and thinking poor Needles, she doesn’t know I think her hair looks awful. And, Needles is thinking that poor Sara is a liar and has no class, she thinks I don’t know she is a liar and classless.

    I deal with grown ups and you can’t win with then if you tell them openly as Proverb 27:5 states, “It is better to correct someone openly than to have love and not show it, ” they don’t like it. If you tell them in private, they get angry and say you said what you didn’t say. It is as old as sin! I believe God wants us to keep things open and before Him and with one another as truth. Why did that old lady have such a creepy idea? She must not like the skin she lives in so she wants to make all those around her creepy with her.

    By the way Needles, if one makes a decision to tell another a lie on how they think the other might feel would that be a genuine friendship. Or, how fast can I get rid of you?

  13. Needles, another thought. If the one asking was not a Christian and the one lying was, what would the non Christian think about the Christian when that lady went home and her husband said, “Honey, your hair looks awlful.” And, lady tells husband, well my Christian friend told me it did.

  14. I really appreciate honesty from a Christian friend. It makes you “look in the mirror and change it” as Gary had put a blog up earlier. Usually God has prepared you that a change needs to be made so coming from a Christian friend it is a confirmation that change is needed. Honesty helps one make changes. Hopefully the authentic person begins to blossom with all the old stuff, unnecessary stuff thrown off due to honesty of a friend in Jesus. Who would want their friend wearing the old stuff or not looking great.

  15. Yes, Gary I think your right, I probably could tell them the truth, about their “bad hair” style, but I guess I would like to know or learn more about, how to be creative with my words, when it comes to speaking truth to older people…..I sure want some “health to my flesh and strength to my bones”!!

  16. Sara says,”if one makes a decision to tell another a lie on how they think the other might feel would that be a genuine friendship, or how fast can I get rid of you?”

    I think probably the latter?

  17. Yes, Sara, on the other thought……the lady knows her husband is going to tell her the truth about her hair……so her idea of Christianity would not be good, since the Christian told the lie??

  18. I agree with Needles on the question about latter answer… you have to walk in the light to have fellowship with someone (I John1:7). If you lie you are walking in the darkness so there can be no fellowship/friendship because the liar has severed it when he walked in the darkness of the lie.
    ‘Liars hate the people they hurt’…I John 3:15 says that people who hate are murderers and that no murderer has eternal life in him. Wallace is right, it is serious.

  19. “If thy right eye offend thee….pluck it out! If thy right hand offend thee…(that is be an occasion to do wrong/commit sin) cut it off and cast it from thee.” These are Jesus’ words concerning the opportunity to do wrong or to commit a sin(s). So if our tongues in certain circumstances raise an occasion to commit a sin, in other words, LIE, then we must “cut” it out….STOP IMMEDIATELY and face it that we are telling a lie…because Jesus said that it is better if one of our bodily members is destroyed than for our “whole body” to be cast into Hell.
    It is impossible for a leopard to change its spots but nothing is impossible with God. If we have had occasions to lie that is we have been liars, there is a remedy. We must recognize the sin and then change it. For the consequences of incurring the wrath of a “friend” is NOTHING compared to incurring the wrath of GOD and how HE says about LIARS.

  20. I’d like to add a little comment to the above scenario……Or????maybe that ladies’ husband could be sleeping in the dog house?

  21. I see why the Proverb says that ‘Liars HATE the people they lie to and hurt.’ Because a lie is a deception and a deceiving. And it is the intent of the liar to DECEIVE that other person or persons in order to further one’s own agenda…whether it is to save face, or escape retaliation, to escape punnishment or gain favor (as in flattery), or embellish one’s own accomplishments, knowledge or skill ( and a myriad of other reasons that people lie). ALSO…..If thinking that with a lie one will escape punishment, there will be a horrendous reckoning when we stand befoe the JUST JUDGE unless we repent.
    When a person sets out to deceive it becomes an addiction as vigorous as alcohol, drugs and the other unspeakable addictions and bondages that
    people open themselves to.
    This is UGLY but true…..If we continue to practice a lie, we become like “our father the devil and the anti-Christ”.

  22. MG, it seems that light has broken forth in your soul! Isn’t it exciting when we not only read the Word, but understand the Word, and then have the knowledge, strength, and wisdom to want to do and will obey the Word. When we walk out the Word in life choices His Joy becomes the norm! When I see, feel and act on truths like unto this one it makes one feel like the old time revival, shouting and preaching and jumping and singing. Now come on somebody and shout AMEN!

  23. In following Gary’s Bible Study Guide, this morning, I ran across a Scriputre in Ps. 78 which I have read many, many times and today, it POPPED for me! In Psalm 78 Asaph, the psalmist, writes the historical progression of how God dealt with His people, as He was bringing them out of bondage from Egypt. Over and over they rebelled against Him and were totally fleshly in their dealings with GOD ALMIGHTY. God would work one miracle and they repaid Him with murmuring. He would work another miracle and they responded with railings against Him. Another miracle and they would complain and ACCUSE Him of injustice of some sort or another. Finally when He had to punish them for their own good they realized that “God was their Rock” and Redeemer….(for a time, anyway). But get verse 36! ” Nevertheless they flattered Him with their mouths and LIED to Him with their tongues…because their hearts were not right or sincere with Him and neither were they steadfast and faithful….” but Lied and Flattered.
    When that scripture dawned on me I immediately thought of how many of us, myself iespecially, promise God great things, or even small things and we really have no continural, SINCERE intention of seeing them through. So we say that we love Him (“if you love ME you will obey Me”) but do not carry through our part of the bargain, (covenant). When we start out to put our hand to the plow, even in any small thing we promise to do, and we look back, get too busy, forget to do, turn our focus away from that mission, substitute something else however good it might be, then we have Flattered and Lied to the God of Heaven and the Universe. Like we think, maybe HE won’t notice or He is too busy to fuss with little ol’ us, or we completely have forgotten…But HE never forgets, nor does He change. It would serve us well to ask the Holy Spirit what things we have failed to do, forgotten about and repent over these things and receive God’s forgiveness and grace and mercy.
    When we stand before the most just JUDGE not one iota or one jot will be FORGOTTEN by HIM but can be forgiven if we will walk in His grace to do the things we have told the Lord we will do.
    We must not be like the people of the Exodus and lie and flatter our most High Father, Abba. His grace is sufficient to repent and restore our relationship with HIM through the blood of Jesus Christ.

  24. Speaking of lies, I heard a different version of Psalm 119… on a CD of verse 29. I looked it up in the Geneva Bible which is translated directly from the Greek and Hebrew originals. David says in Psalm 119:29…Take me from the way of LYING and grant me graciously, Thy Law! The notes on this says, ‘instruct me in Thy Word whereby my mind may be purged from vanities and taught to obey Thy Will.
    So even David had to seek and cry out to the Lord that he would not be an exaggerator or an embellisher of the truth. That he would not let vanity stand in the way of approaching and fellowshiping with the Lord God.
    He goes on to say how he overcame that temptation to offend or transgress in verse 30. David says, ” I choose the way of truth. Your judgments have I laid before me. I have cleaved to Thy testimonies, O Lord, confound me not. I will run the way of Thy commandments when You shall enlarge my heart.” This is a good Scripture to meditate on when we feel we are depressed. God will enlarge our hearts and decompressurize our souls from that constriction that the enemy would like to bring upon us.
    Keep us from deception (lies to self) and deceit (lies to others) and VANITY and enlarge our hearts, oh God.

  25. Sounds like MG from your comment that is all about what one wants. What desires are in one’s heart? Why does it seem that some people are born and have great desires to serve the Lord all their lives. While others lag along and never really sure?

  26. Needles made a comment: “I don’t lie, but I don’t want to hurt anyone.” Maybe we have all felt like this at one time or other. In my Bible study(Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore) she discusses “peacekeepers”. “Peacekeepers often attempts to keep peace at ANY COST. Ironically, this brand of peace is primarily false peace. {Jer. 8:11 “They offer superficial treatments for my people’s mortal wound. They give assurances of peace when there is no peace.”}” (Quote by Beth Moore) So if we are a peacekeeper, we may lie about something so we “don’t hurt anyone.” We know it is wrong to lie, but we may do this to try to “keep false peace” we build up in our minds. Once we start with a small lie, we may have to tell another one so we want be caught telling lies. This is like “opening up a can of worms”. We could get deeper and deeper in sin. As Wallace said “lying is a sin”. A very serious sin. Rev.21:8 ” But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and ALL LIARS- their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
    After reading Rev. 21:8, we realize how bad lying is. Nothing is worth “the second death”. So instead of being a “peacekeeper”,Beth tells us, to be a “peacemaker” Matthew 5:9 “God blesses those who works for peace, for they will be called the children of God.” So if someone ask you how do you like their hair, don’t lie to keep from hurting their feelings. Pray that God will give you the right words to be a “peacemaker”. Their hair is not worth a ‘fiery lake of burning sulfur.” Lying is serious!!

  27. Chickenfarmer, I am still lost when it comes to this hair do! If I am asked how do I like your hair? How could I not hurt you by lying? If you ask me anything and I don’t tell you the truth as I know it I have just hurt you and me. And, that is just the way it is, as I know it, as I perceive it, as I discern it, as I believe it, as my opinion. We are not God, we are just one person giving words from the heart as we think or understand them.

    Heart to Heart with Heart is the way my Mother taught me and I believe it and I hope to live it. Gee, I would not have one bit of energy left if I had to spend my day trying to figure out how to lie to you. Or what might offend you, or what might hurt your feelings. How would I know that? I would like to have a little time left in my day to pray for you, give thanks for you, ask blessings of Our Heavenly Father for one another. Just say thank You God for the day. I would not have the energy or time or not sure how valuable the words would be to you from heaven if I (the one that prayed was a lier) had just lied to you! Help me Chickenfarmer!

    Rev, 21:8, you just quoted, ‘cowards!” Coward sounds like the wrapping that the gift of lies comes wrapped in.

  28. Sara, I agree with you. “How could I not hurt you by lying?” We not only hurt the person we are lying to but we are hurting ourself as well. I believe we say what we think may flatter the other person. We may even look at lying as a “small sin”, one of little importance in the whole scheme of things. Compared to murder, lying is a tiny sin. Rev.21:8 tells us murderers and ALL LIARS will see the second death. This didn’t say one is worst than the other. It seems that we justify our lies by down playing them. “Just a little white lie” Rev. tells us that the little white lie will cause us to burn. We are all put in awkward positions. Instead of lying our way out of them, we need to be truthful. The truth shall set us FREE. If we are truthful than we have more time to pray for you, to give thanks for you, to ask blessing of Our Heavenly Father for one another and just to say thank You God for the day. We can conserve our energy for God. We know if we consult God about any issue at hand and we are obedient to his Word, He is pleased. If God is pleased, then why would we be worried about someone else’s feelings. We can speak the truth in a nice way. All lying does is use up all our energy in a negative way. It will tie our souls in a knot and bring nothing but confusion to us. So lets not waste time or energy trying to think of a good lie to get out of a situation. Lets spend our time and energy capturing the situation, praying about it, taking control of it with God’s help. If we don’t, it can take control of us. God doesn’t tolerate sin. We need to speak the truth with boldness. Rev. 21:8 states that cowards will be with liars and murderers. So, we can choose to lie our way out of a situation or we can rely on God. I wonder how God hears a liars pray. Would it be the same way He hears a prayer from one who relies on Him. Are we here to please other people or God.

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