What does your life look like on canvas? What type of frame does others place around your life?

The Daily Lily, which is you and me on canvas, gather here with our trumpets and make a loud noise by “Trumpeting Faith, Giving Hope, and Serving Others with Love!” We are needed on the worldwide web and in every little corner of the world we visit daily to “Trumpet our Faith, Give Hope to the weary while Serving Others with Love.” Ones that may feel loveless, lonely, and discouraged. And, rightly so! When we read or hear worldwide news, face financial crisis, job layoffs and recession alarms that are ringing around the world it feels hopeless. I just heard today that Chrysler says ” it will cut 25 percent of its salaried work force starting next month. The company says the cuts are in addition to those previously announced and will be done through involuntary layoffs and voluntary retirements and buyouts.” Just another piece to the larger puzzle of trouble for the “average Joe.”


I would like to tell you about a young man from a small east Texas town in 1939 that I read by Victorial Osteen. His name was Sam Martin. Now Sam would go to high school every morning and write scriptures on the chalkboard. You can imagine how weird the others students thought him to be. They would not have much to do with what seemed like poor Sam. But, Sam was passionate about his faith. He was a man to trumpet his faith. One night a fellow classmate was walking home from a night club and began to think about eternity and what he was going to do with his life. The young man went home and opened the family Bible randomly and it fell open to a picture of Jesus standing at a door and knocking with a caption that read: “If anyone will open the door I will come in.” This young man’s heart was stirred. Then he remembered that was the very scripture that he had seen Sam write on the chalkboard earlier. He approached Sam the next day and asked, “Sam, why do you think I am feeling this way?” Sam replied very simply, “that is God drawing you.” The next Sunday Sam took his new friend to church. That was the day that John Osteen, the father of Joel Osteen made a decision for Christ and his life of faith began. Sam went on to become a pastor, but he never spoke to large crowds of people like the world famous John Osteen did. But, if it were not for Sam Martin blowing his trumpet of faith there just might not have been a world renown Pastor and Speaker by the name of John Osteen and then his now famous son Joel, still blowing a trumpet of faith worldwide. Some fifty years later Sam Martin wrote a book and called it, “I Touched One but He Touched Millions.”

Today, we are placing a frame of faith, hope and love around the life of a young weird bold man named, Sam Martin, almost 70 years later and displaying his life with many friends right here on this website. If The Daily Lily is your chalkboard continue to make it ring with hope, love and faith. Stir up the gifts and talents that are resident within you and proclaim your faith widely and loudly as the trumpet does. Make sounds of Hope, show signs of Faith and be a server of Truth. If your life is framed today, good. If your life is framed 50 years from now, good! Just make sure that your life will be framed and displayed in the presence of The King. Maybe you will be like Sam and say, “I touched one but he touched millions.”

Sam Martin, in 1939 . wrote on his school’s chalkboard daily. Why not in 2008 almost 70 years later write on our computer ‘chalkboard’ daily and leave the results to the framer of lives! Be a Daily Lily with Joy! Joy shows in your chalkboard writings.

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