Some points we might want to remember with the coming election.
– God raises up one and puts down another.
– The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, He bends it however he wills.
– Pray for those in authority over you.

May be we need to remember that the president or leader of any country is a man or a woman, a human being. They are given position by God and are under his authority. And we may need to remember that a nation receives the leader they deserve.

So if your man does not win, God is still working and I don’t think he ever asked us how to run his world. We need to look above the White House and the Congress for our help. While these people are dedicated public servants, they are human and they don’t have all of the answers. They are capable of solving issues and directing the country, but they are fallible and they need divine help.
Complaining about the person in office is not the answer. As believers our responsibility, according the Apostle Paul is to pray for those in authority over us. I think he wrote that while he was in prison for preaching the good news and he advocated praying for the very government that imprisoned him. If we want to see unity in Congress and progress in the nation probably the better solution for us as believers is to develop the art of praying.
It may be that God will direct us how to pray for the nation and not to complain about our leaders. It might even be nice if as believers we invested some time praying for our pastor, our fellow believers, our husband or our wife, our children, our boss, our friends, our neighbors, our children’s teachers, police officers, our military men and family, doctors, nurses and our self. If we did this we just might gain another perspective.
Maybe we should vow to spend as much time praying for our leaders as we spend telling everybody how bad they are, how bad the country is and how everything is going to hell.
Another thing we might want to remember this election cycle, God sends the rain on the good and the bad and he lets it rain on us.