Trying to faithfully follow Gary’s yearly Bible Guide I found myself back in the book of Matthew, again, rereading the parable taught by Jesus, concerning the ‘Kingdom of GOD is like.’… an estate manager who went out in the first hour of the morning to hire laborers to work in his fields. They agreed to work for one dollar a day and did so. Later on he hired other laborers and they agreed to the same wage and went into the fields to work. At the last hour he found others standing around and he asked them why they were just hanging out. They answered that no one had ‘hired” them. So the manager I will hire you for a dollar a day and they agreed.

When the work day was over, the manager called his laborers out to collect their pay and he gave each one from the last-hired to the first hired the same wage they had all agreed upon. But the first-hired complained that they had borne the heat of the work day and why were they not getting more than the last-hired as they had worked much long er in the field. But the manager reproved them saying, “friends, did we not agree together to a dollar a day? Are you critical of me because I am generous and give to the last-hired a decent wage? Take your pay and be happy with it.
It is here that I saw something I had not seen in this parable before. We know that Jesus is the MANAGER. The chosen are we who are to go out and “work in the harvest fields” Some of us have come in at an early age and worked in the church for years. Others of us are saved by the skin of our teeth. But salvation is to ALL who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and enter the Kingdom. For the first shall be as the last and the last shall be as the first in the KINGDOM of God
And this is my revelation by the Holy Spirit for me to understand. Jesus said , I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the FIRST and the LAST. Jesus Christ is there for ALL of us who come truthfully into the Kingdom of God, both …the first, the old saints and the last, the newly born Christians.
It is good to read the WORD of God over and over for there is so much that we do not see nor do we understand but Oh the thrill of revelatory knowledge as we uncover the mysteries of the Word by the Spirit of the living GOD.