Bible Reading reveals:

Trying to faithfully follow Gary’s yearly Bible Guide I found myself back in the book of Matthew, again, rereading the parable taught by Jesus, concerning the ‘Kingdom of GOD is like.’… an estate manager who went out in the first hour of the morning to hire laborers to work in his fields. They agreed to work for one dollar a day and did so. Later on he hired other laborers and they agreed to the same wage and went into the fields to work. At the last hour he found others standing around and he asked them why they were just hanging out. They answered that no one had ‘hired” them. So the manager I will hire you for a dollar a day and they agreed.

When the work day was over, the manager called his laborers out to collect their pay and he gave each one from the last-hired to the first hired the same wage they had all agreed upon. But the first-hired complained that they had borne the heat of the work day and why were they not getting more than the last-hired as they had worked much long er in the field. But the manager reproved them saying, “friends, did we not agree together to a dollar a day? Are you critical of me because I am generous and give to the last-hired a decent wage? Take your pay and be happy with it.
It is here that I saw something I had not seen in this parable before. We know that Jesus is the MANAGER. The chosen are we who are to go out and “work in the harvest fields” Some of us have come in at an early age and worked in the church for years. Others of us are saved by the skin of our teeth. But salvation is to ALL who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and enter the Kingdom. For the first shall be as the last and the last shall be as the first in the KINGDOM of God
And this is my revelation by the Holy Spirit for me to understand. Jesus said , I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the FIRST and the LAST. Jesus Christ is there for ALL of us who come truthfully into the Kingdom of God, both …the first, the old saints and the last, the newly born Christians.
It is good to read the WORD of God over and over for there is so much that we do not see nor do we understand but Oh the thrill of revelatory knowledge as we uncover the mysteries of the Word by the Spirit of the living GOD.

12 thoughts on “Bible Reading reveals:

  1. MG, as I was reading this scripture recently I had the same revelation you had. I though how jealous we older Christians are at times when we see a baby whippersnapper Christian producing fruit for the Lord. We pout and complain about how the young Christians seem to have it so easy while others have had to work so long and hard to produce fruit.

  2. WOW! CF! That’s incredible! And to think the Lord is revealing to His people what He wants us to know, understand and to “see ” in these last days before He comes. The more we allow Him to reveal Himself in His Word, the more prepared we will be at His coming because our ‘lamps will be full of OIL” as we gather it from the Word through the Spirit and we won’t miss the BRIDEGROOM!
    And those of us who are pouting are producing an oil leak!!

  3. Good insights MG and chickenfarmer. If instead of envying someone else’s fruit we would rejoice with them and for them for their fruit, we would proably see the fruit of joy developing on our own tree.

  4. How about how easy the young men and women have it today when they are hired in their vocation. Seems like the speed of light is all around them. Transportation to and from work, brand new vehicles, be it public, train or plane, new cars, bicycles, etc. Then the facilities with upscale high tech boom. Work from home! Grocery stories on each and every corner. Phones hanging out ears. Compare this to only a few years ago!

    I visited a young lady this week with a NEW house bigger than the town. Well, that is how it seemed and it was pretty much that scale. It was beautiful and she was saying, it is for God and His purposes. She commented “older Christians’ and some young just don’t think big enough. God is pouring out His power on the earth in new fresh ways each and everyday.

    I believe older Christians should get their attitudes in order and not hinder the young ‘whippersnappers’ that come into the Kingdom of Light to work at a different level, pay and full of inventions. Matthew 18: “It will be terrible for people who cause even one of my little followers to sin. Those people would be better off thrown into the deepest part of the ocean with a heavy stone tied around their necks! The world is in for trouble because of the way it causes people to sin. There will always be something to cause people to sin, but anyone who does this will be in for trouble.”

    It is time for old Christians to at least be happy and not hinder the work of the younger ones. At least be a good cheerleader. Even in heaven there are good cheerleaders, Hebrews 12:1.

    I think mature Christians should be about being Happy and helping the whippersnappers to whip and snap God’s Kingdom right into place. “Let His Kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven.”

  5. Thank you Sara for always bringing God’s refreshing perspective on things. Instead of taking a snapshot with an old Polaroid camera, the eyes of your Spirit see through the latest lenses and capture the picture as God sees it.

  6. I have a story about my friend, Rena. She is a young whippersnapper with age past 40. Recently my husband and I attended an out of town funeral and he got sick with a bad case of flu and delayed our return home. We had planned a special service and banquet with our church to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends and families.

    We needed someone to host this service for us. My friend, Rena, had the most busy schedule. . She had her Mother-in-law that is near 90 living with her and has had for months now. But, just that day and week-end they were moving her in a one bedroom retirement center. Unpacking furniture shipped in from California, cleaning for her and purchasing new items as needed. They had to have her TB test completed, etc. etc. This does not take into account the emotion that they were all going through with this major change in this season of their Mom’s life. Also, the mess being made in her home as they moved her out. Yet, Rena, without hesitating offered her home and the others jumped at it and enjoyed her services. She had no help from others to clean and ready her home. (A virgin with oil in her lamp).

    Rena also took on the burden of intercession for both my husband and myself for our sickness. She stayed up many hours late into the night on Saturday night praying for us and we felt it and got a lot better, even to drive home. Thank you Rena. She had the services and attended the lunch bringing hearts with lights for all by her presence and her gifts. She went on to retirement home and continued to ready her Mother-in-laws apartment. She was back on Monday to complete and make this apartment a light in this community. I applaud you Rena! Most in our church have been here for years and have done much but Rena has only been in the area going on 2 years, a baby, and she jumped and did it. She came in at the last hour but she was the CF’s whippersnapper. Just imagine how The Father felt when His daughter rallied to this occasion. My heart almost burst with gratitude to Rena and Our Lord.

    I want to add a footnote as well. She is a full time teacher of a great big classroom of 4th graders. Has two grown sons and one preparing for marriage in a few months. She has a husband that works full time and daily overcomes diabetes, etc. I did not hear how busy she is with all her many joys (or burdens) that God has given her. I just want to give a shout out to Rena, “You Go God’s Girl!”

  7. Yea!! For Rena. She is a doer of the Word and not only a hearer. We can learn much from her deeds in action. God bless Rena and her family.

  8. Rena is a blessing and a joy to others. Rena has many gifts such as the gift of prayer, obedience and service. May the Lord add many blessings to Rena, His faithful servant, and her beautiful family. Thank you Rena for all you do and for allowing God to work through you.

  9. Rena, you go the extra mile, pour out and pour out, and do it with a cheerful smile and God loves a cheerful giver. You are a good example of
    I Cor 15:58:”Therefore, my beloved brothers, be you steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as you know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”
    Thank you and God bless you always in all you do.

  10. This should be another reminder to make us all more aware of how we serve as examples, as Debi says of Rena, for one another to follow and emulate those who ‘follow Jesus” in different ways. In Hebrews the Bible speaks of the ‘hall of faith’ and the great deeds of the Bible saints; Sarah, Moses’ parents, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Gideon, Samson, Rahab!
    Each one in his/her own way demonstrated faith in diverse acts of faith which serve as examples, for all God’s people down the ages. We have our own in the N.T. era who by faith do tough things, hard things, inconvenient-at-the-moment things, difficult things. But after, they bring wonderful fruit forth to help extend the Kingdom of God.
    Each day we pray that we may in all our actions, words and deeds serve as good examples to others of the love of Jesus Christ in this world ; to bless and to extend the Kingdom of God in our own world and in the worlds of others and to bring THEM into the Kingdom of God on earth.

  11. Matthew 16: 24-28 says: “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your SELFISH ways, take up your cross, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?’ Is anything worth more than your soul? For the Son of Man will come with His angels in the glory of His Father and will judge all people according to their deeds. And I tell you the truth, some standing here right now will not die before they see the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom.”
    Rena, thank you for being a great example of unselfishness!

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