Here’s some good news from AARP if you follow this plan you will walk about 1.666 miles per day and reap the following benefits.

This resolution could improve your life in many ways: “I will walk 50 miles every month.” Just half an hour of walking each day at a brisk pace of 3.5 MPH will get you there. Here are seven things you could accomplish within a matter of months:

1. Get Fit
Aerobic Capacity: 19% increase
Physical function: 25% increase
Risk of disability: 41% decrease

2. Save on annual medical bills
Normal-weight retiree: $3300
Overweight retiree: $2500
Entire country: $1.4 trillioin

3. Improve cardiovascular health
Heart disease: 32% lower risk
Stroke: 33% lower risk
Type 2 diabetes: 71% lower risk

4. Fight Cancer
Breast: 18% lower risk
Colon: 31% lower risk
All forms: 33% higher survival rate

5. Lose weight
Each walk: 150 calories
Monthly: 1.3 lbs
Annually: 15.6 lbs

6. Accelerate recovery
Depression: 47% reduction of symptoms
Skin wounds: shorten healing by 10 days

7. Battle degenerative disease
Alzheimer’s: 40% lowe risk
Arthritis: 46% lower risk
Osteoporosis: 0% loss of bone density

From AARP…
Benefits of a Walking Fitness Regimen
According to the Mayo Clinic and other health organizations, there are many benefits of walking, including:

* lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol
* raising good (HDL) cholesterol
* burning calories (approximately 300 per 1-hour walk), losing/maintaining weight, and trimming inches off hips or waist
* lowering blood pressure
* improving cardiovascular health (lowering the risk of heart disease and strokes)
* reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes
* fighting risk of cancers (especially breast and colon cancer)
* lowering stress and anxiety
* boosting self-esteem
* improving mental health, mood, and outlook
* staving off degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and arthritis
* building stronger bones
* reducing the risk of disabilities
* increasing energy levels
* enhancing quality of sleep
* improving overall health and wellness

Randal Hansen PHD