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  1. I read in a book today, that an ancient saint, Saint Bernard, in his description of the Lord, called Him “the attainable God”. And I believe that is Who Jesus Christ truly is. He came as a Baby, in the flesh so that He might be attainable to all mankind. That whosoever will come to Him, believe in Him and trust in Him…then He makes Himself attainable to that man, that woman , that child, whosoever! That’s really what Christmas is all about. The attainable God came to earth so that man could attain Him and go to Heaven. What a reason to rejoice, rejoice!! Emmanuel has come to us; God with us and we with God.
    Merry, merry Christmas, for sure!!!!!

  2. “JESUS, CHILD OF GOD, we welcome you now. Long have we waited for you. Our cluttered minds and our fettered hearts yearn for the freedom you bring.

    Jesus, Child of God, release us from the barriers that keep us from hearing your voice in our world today. Slow down our frantic, busy minds and activities so that we can “find our rest in you.”

    Jesus, Child of God, you are our strength, our hope, our comfort, and our consolation. You are, indeed, the hope of the world. Send your strength and healing to every broken place, every despondent heart.

    Jesus, Child of God, you are our desire, our joy, our hunger, our longing. Even nations desire you. We desire your peace and your presence in our hungering world and our longing hearts.

    Jesus, Child of God, let us welcome you with holy hospitality during this season of Advent. May we prepare a place within our hearts and our lives for your loving presence. Amen.”

    –Beth Richardson,
    Child of the Light

  3. ” May we prepare a place within our hearts and our lives …” reminds me that even when Jesus Christ first entered this world as a baby He was crowded out….”there was no room for them at the inn”. Registering for the census filled up all the places to stay in Bethlehem as people traveled from distances to come to fulfill this obligation. I wonder if someone like the aged Anna, who “served God with fastings and prayers night and day” in the temple and recognized Jesus as Redeemer “that instant” when His parents brought Him to the temple, had been in Bethlehem that night… would she have known Him for the King and God He is and given up her room for Him to stay? Or if a Simeon, a “just and devout man”,who was “waiting for the” Consolation of Israel” and knew it was Jesus when he also saw His parents bring Him; would have given up his room at the inn? These people were obviously prepared for Him, making room and filled with Joy!
    “Joy to the world! the Lord is come;
    Let earth receive her King;
    Let every heart prepare him room,
    And heaven and nature sing,
    And heaven and nature sing,
    And heaven, and heaven, and nature sing.”

  4. Jesus Redeemer, Son of the Living God, You have made Your divinity known to us through the humanity You took upon Yourself, first as a baby in a manger; then by Your crucifixion, death and resurrection.
    You offer Yourself right NOW, to provide “room” in our hearts through the auspices of Your Father God Almighty. Let us receive You by inviting You into our hearts as Lord and Saviour…asking You to forgive our sins. Let us believe and receive and purpose in our hearts to obey Your commandments, walk in uprightness, and to love You with all our hearts.
    You are our Saviour, Lord and King. You are the true Christmas Present !

  5. Yes, Tammy..that is my hope, too. That I would make myself available to BE drawn closer. May the hectic-ness of life not be an excuse. May I NOT let the world around me be a distraction or let busy-ness, get in the way of drawing closer to the Lord Jesus, as you prayed above.

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