Fall is Near

Change is in the air here in Northern Virginia. The night temps are lowering, some leaves are starting to change colors, summer flowers are fading while fall flowers are getting a kick-start. Hardy winter pansies are beginning their bloom cycle that will take color into the winter and next spring. Fall mums are putting on a show that will last four to six weeks. Ornamental cabbage and kale are frost-proof additions to pots and garden beds as are grasses, asters and cold hardy fall annuals.

If you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area, you will find all these and more at the Monroe Technology Center’s annual Fall Plant Sale. Agriculture department students are eager to help you make selections and proceeds from the sale help support their scholarships.

The dates and hours are Wednesday, Sept 13, 10-6pm; Thursday, September 14, 10-5pm; and Friday, September 15, 10-4pm. You will find us at 715 Childrens Center Rd, SW. Hope to see you there!


Seriously Sweet Cupcakes

Of Culpepper, Va furnished us with fun for the eclipse.

Mrs Anderson, our culinary teacher, Monroe Tech, Leesburg, va. and me enjoying our eclipse cupcakes from Seriously Sweet Cupcakes. She said thank you, Chris and Tammy! it was delicious!

Order yours http://www.seriouslysweetcupcakes.com Tell Amy we sent you…

A joy of gardening-Canning

Some years certain things seem to produce better in my garden than others. This year the peppers have been bountiful, particularly the hot ones like jalapeno which my husband chose to be planted since he loves them. But he can only eat so many fresh ones, so I suggested we find a recipe for canning them in jars. Since we also had a couple of other hot varieties as well as mild banana peppers, some jars got a mix rather than just jalapeno. Today’s batch was the second one which yielded around 11 pints. We plan on dressing the jars up with personalized labels and maybe some raffia or ribbon around the lids and giving them as Christmas presents. The recipe was a simple one obtained from online that involved pouring equal parts of simmering wine vinegar (I ran out and used apple cider in a few jars) and water over the cut up peppers packed in hot jars with a clove of garlic and ½ tsp of pickling salt or spice. Then they were processed in a hot water bath for 10 minutes. Seemed like a great way to make use of the garden bounty.

Christmas Sale@Monroe

Christmas will soon be here and the Christmas Plant Sale at Monroe Technology Center can inspire you with your beautification and gift giving. The sale features fresh wreaths, roping, greens and swags. There are hundreds of poinsettias in all sizes and colors; seasonal flowering plants; herb and succulent gardens as well as custom floral creations to choose from. Additionally, there are handmade stockings for your cat and dog friends; other hand painted items; and airplants featured in 3D printer containers made by Chris Mar, one of our very own LCHS graduates!
Sale profits go toward student scholarships. So, if you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area please visit us and enjoy complimentary cookies and cider made by the Culinary Arts department. Dates and hours are November 30, 10-7pm; December 1, 10-5pm and December 2, 10-4pm.


Leesburg Va Monroe-Fall Sale

It is hard to believe but fall will be here soon! Summer’s heat and dry weather has been hard on our plants in Northern VA and many annuals are very tired looking. Now is a great time to refresh with fall color. We invite you to visit the Fall Plant Sale at Monroe Technology Center In Leesburg, VA where you will find beautiful mums, pansies and other plants to inspire and students eager to assist. Plant sale proceeds support scholarships, so please stop by and enjoy. Sale days and hours are: Wednesday, Sept. 21, 10-6pm; Sept. 22, 10-5pm; and Sept. 23, 10-4pm.


Mystery of Holy Spirit

The other night I read a chapter in a book called Tozer: Mystery of the Holy Spirit by A.W. Tozer. This book is a collection of his sermons preached over 60 years ago. I think they are very relevant for today and particularly food for thought for this Easter season. The chapter I read and would like to share thoughts from is entitled, “The Dove of Noah’s Ark”. In it he contrast the hearts of the two different birds that Noah sent out of the ark at different times to illustrate to the church he was apparently preaching the sermon to why they were not filled with the Holy Spirit.🕊

Tozer writes that God in His kindness had to judge mankind because of their total depravity. So he sent a flood on the earth in Noah’s day to destroy, sparing only a few so that all the human race would not perish. In describing the scene of this judgement, Tozer paints a picture of the ‘devastation’ of this judgement that the raven that Noah sent out when the ark finally came to rest on Ararat, encountered. This desolation was not something I had really thought on before, a vast sea filled with floating, rotting corpses of all kinds of creatures. The raven, Tozer says, had a ‘dark heart’ and “felt at home there for he was a flesh eater”. What should or would have repulsed others did not have the same effect on the raven. The raven was very happy to go out into this sea of horror, loving it as he feasted on the dead flesh because that was who he was. Tozer writes, “Something in his dark heart loved it because he lived on it.” That raven never even wanted to come back to the ark. As I read on in the chapter, I saw that Tozer compared this illustration of the raven with man’s love of and comfortableness with sin. God has sent His judgement on humanity but man isn’t affected by it …man is right at home in this world just like the raven, loving it. He warns that “unless we repent, we shall all perish and all the nations of the world shall be turned into hell.”

Then Tozer contrasts the illustration of the raven with the dove that Noah sent out, a type of the Holy Spirit. This pure dove hated what she saw and did not even want to look at the filth, so she came back to Noah and the ark. She did not want to put her feet on anything dirty. What a vivid contrast of two types of birds, two types of loves and two types of hearts. Much to think on. 💜

As I understood it, Tozer sums it by referring to the Holy Spirit and indicating how He wants to come down into men’s hearts and lives but because of “plain sins which nobody can deny…” (and that God hates)…”the dove will not come down”.🕊

Do you hear what I hear;

Christmas will soon be here and many enjoy decorating homes and businesses with poinsettias, wreaths with colorful bows, roping and fresh floral arrangements. Others like something a bit different, such as a blooming cyclamen, Christmas cactus or amaryllis. Whichever of these is your favorite, we invite you to visit Monroe Technology Center’s annual Christmas Sale if you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area. In addition to these, we will have a great selection of hand-sewn pet scarves in all sizes and patterns. These “Faithful Friends” Stitches slip on collar scarves by Patricia Woolard Woodley make great gifts! Sale days and hours are December 2: 10am – 7pm; December 3: 10am – 5pm and December 4: 10am – 4pm. Sale proceeds go towards scholarships for our agriculture students.

Merry Christmas, Debi