Alice Adventures in Wonderland-Chapter XII

Remember that when we left Alice last time she was in court where there was a trial going on over stolen tarts. By now Alice is growing so large that she upset s the jury box with her skirt as she stands up. The trial finally proceeds after this upset and when asked by theContinue reading “Alice Adventures in Wonderland-Chapter XII”

Alice Adventures in Wonderland-Chapter X

Alice continues her adventure with the Gryphon and the melancholy Mock Turtle who relives memories of his past by telling stories. (Is this a way to avoid living in the present or thinking about the future?) This time his story is about a seashore dance called the Lobster Quadrille. He asks the Gryphon to helpContinue reading “Alice Adventures in Wonderland-Chapter X”

Chapter IX Book Review on Alice

In this next adventure Alice meets up with Duchess again who greets her fondly. Alice thinks perhaps the pepper was the cause of her hot temperment when they first met in the Duchess’ kitchen. As they stroll along together conversing, Alice discovers that the duchess finds a moral in everything that is said. The duchessContinue reading “Chapter IX Book Review on Alice”

Part VIII Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

What Alice found in the beautiful garden first were three gardeners. They were oblong and flat with the hands and feet at the corners and were numbered two, five and seven. They were painting a white rose tree red because they had mistakenly planted the wrong color and they feared the Queen of the gardenContinue reading “Part VIII Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”