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I am once again on (GN) my coined phrase for Generational Negatives. If you recall Part I talked about Passivity. Now Obedience! Not being Passive!

I have heard and seen so many issues recently relating to GN and seemly with The Seasonal Holidays at hand so are the GN’s.

Maybe GN’s are for the holidays. Where do they hide out on all the other days? What makes them pop like flies on these special family days?

Is GN within us? Therefore, when a GN force from another brings pressure to bear on our GN a hurricane effect hits and we, others and sometimes our families become a mess.

Who is your mother? Who are your brothers? When Jesus was told His mother and brothers were waiting outside to see Him in (Luke 8:19-21), He replied, “My mother and My brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it.”

I just love Continue reading “GENERATIONAL NEGATIVES (GN) Obedience Part II”


The I Am of a Team

T.O. (Terrell Owens, Philadelphia Eagles, the great)! Until just a few days ago I though the letters T.O. meant too old or too odd.

Terrell Owens just a few days ago played football with the NFL Philadelphia Eagles. Not only played but it was said of T.O. “one of the best or the best to play the game”. He entered into a brawl with his own teammates a week or so ago and no longer plays the game with his team. His team really needed him and of course this could change the outcome of the Eagles. Now for the ones of us that are ” Washington Redskin Fans” we just might not really mind not having him there. We are just thrilled that he is not there!

Brian William’s of NBC reporting last night about T.O. commented “No individual (I) is bigger than the team.” I thought right Brian, ‘I ‘ never makes a team. Many of us join a team and we only see I or me. Sometimes we speak of ou Continue reading “The I Am of a Team”


My coined phrase Generational Negatives??? here in after referred to as (GN).

The Book of St. John chapter 5 Take Up Your Bed and Walk..

St. John, known by many as the Beloved Apostle of Jesus Christ records the account of Jesus visiting Jerusalem and stopping by a pool called Bethesda. There were many sick people lying around, blind, crippled and paralyzed and Jesus took notice of one particular man that had been lying around on a bed for thirty-eight years.

Jesus asked the man, do you want to get well? The man replied ???I don’t have anyone to put me in the pool and when I try to get there someone always gets in before I make it there.

Jesus said, Get up, take your bed and start walking. The man was healed on the spot.

This story could open our minds to cause us to re-think some situations in our own lives where we think things could or would or should be different Continue reading “GENERATIONAL NEGATIVES -PASSIVITY-Part I”

A Reflection from the Mountaintop called Truth

A View from the Mountaintop called Truth
Photo taken by Sara while visiting Scotland

When you have the idea or a passion to view and then “tell the truth” always remember that truth is from the view you have of it and you only have a partial view and that view may not have been or be the best view for total truth.

The Word of God written by the Apostle Paul (I Corinthians 13:12 Ampli.) says, we are looking in a mirror that only gives a dim (blurred) reflection (of reality as in a riddle or enigma) but then (when perfection comes) we shall see in reality and face to face.

I try to remind myself to be humble and remember there will be different interpretations of truth as we have all heard just a little different or seen just a little different or may have been taught a little different view.

We may not have the whole of the issue wheth Continue reading “A Reflection from the Mountaintop called Truth”

Measure of a Lie measures a man or woman

Measure of a Lie measures a man or woman!
By Sara

How does one measure a Lie?

God Hates Lies! Proverbs 6:16 records this fact for us.

The Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos reveals in Revelation 21:27 the outcome of falsehood. Also in Revelation 22:14,15 John gives a contrast between a lie and truth.

As I ponder and meditate the measure of A Lie, I ask some questions of myself and of others.

How generous are we with our lies when giving them to others?

Do we lie to Ourselves? To our Mother and Father? To our Children? To a Husband or Wife? To other Family members? To Friends? To our Co-workers or Employers?

Do we balance our lies while speaking with others while wanting a lie from them for ourselves? Ephesians 4:25 prohibit us from speaking a lie to others.

Just how does one measure a Lie?

Truth makes one free, so it would stand to reason a lie would mak Continue reading “Measure of a Lie measures a man or woman”


“Stiffed Starched Shirts Hanging on a Clothesline”

As I traveled South today with my laptop and looking out my windows upon cotton fields and clotheslines among the decorations of October Pumpkins and the beginnings of Fall Wonders, I see clothes, laundry, personal items hanging outside of one’s home on their clothesline.

My friend of the South and her family hanging out on a clothesline being peeved for the local folks to see.

Have you ever had a peeved friend but you don’t know why and they say they are not peeved? Their family and friends don’t know why and then you talk with others to ask why and try to find out why and they don’t know why.

Well then how do you know your friend is peeved? Why don’t you call and ask her?
How are you?
“ I’M FINE! Just FINE!”
How is your husband?
“He’s fine!”