As Saint Augustine wrote, “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you [God].”


Book on The Holy Spirit

I received my copy of the Bible study on the Holy Spirit as suggested by our teacher on the Book of Judges, Reggie Webb. Reviewing the table of contents it looks like a very informant study. And, to help us to get to know the Holy Spirit better. Can’t wait to dig in.


The Prowl Continues

Carefully walking with Jesus
 Lest I fall
Into the wide mouth of the jaws 
Of  the prowling wolf

The wolf glares salivating 
At all who know not his enemy
He snatches to throw as kindling into his furnace of woe
 Of Fire unending.
Ah ah he snarls 
Another one for me
How many does that make
Have I beaten my enemy.

The enemy of the wolf 
Powerful Almighty omnipresent  God
Sees the calculating wolf and knows his every move
Powerless wolf who prowls around
Your days are numbered.
My Son already paid the price with His blood to set the captives free
And all who believe
They are mine and will come join me.

Oh calculating wolf the time
Of the bell that celebrates your demise is about to toll

The wolf replied NOT before I snatch others
Many have not knocked at your door
Many saw door but failed to knock
How lucky for me, I’ll win this you will see.
I have and will capture!  They think they have plenty of time
They haven’t bowed down to you

They don’t believe who you are
They are easy prey for me.

Rena Oynes (c)2/1/19