The title of the book is THE BOY WHO CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN…a true story.
The authors are Kevin and Alex Malarky. Kevin is the father. Alex is the “boy”.

I can truly say that if I did not know the Bible. If I had not read the accounts of the works and deeds and acts of Jesus Christ in the Gospels; if I had not read about the acts of the apostles anointed by the Holy Spirit, the angel that appeared to Mary, and the angels that appeared to the Shepherds, Daniel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob; if I did not know about the RED SEA, the ten lepers, the widow of Nain’s son, the raising of Lazarus and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, I would never be able to believe what happened in this account in “ THE BOY WHO CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN”. It is an incredulous-sounding story of miracle after miracle, supernatural provision, one right after the other. It almost seems like a fairy tale, the imaginative concoction of a folk-tale spinner. But this story is real and I laughed and cried and praised and then cried some more. I will give short accounts as a book report as I continue to delve into this miraculous story.
This is the account of a horrendous automobile accident occurring in November, 2004, on a rural road in Ohio as father and son were driving home from the morning church service. The father, Kevin ,was thrown clear of the car but his little 6-year old son, Alex, strapped in the back seat of the car incurred such horrendous injuries that his spinal cord was severed from the neck and head thus causing “death”. But just before the little boy left his body, he saw five angels pick up his father very carefully, and lay him tenderly in the ditch. Shortly afterwards, Alex” left his body in the strapped seat and went to Heaven.
As he tells his story a couple of years later when he started to regain his speech, how his dad, Kevin, also had gone to Heaven where Jesus was healing his injuries “ to bring glory to Himself” . That’s when the Lord returned the father’s spirit to his body on earth, in the healing process, in the ditch. All this, Alex could see from Heaven while he stood there with Jesus.