Book Report

The title of the book is THE BOY WHO CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN…a true story.
The authors are Kevin and Alex Malarky. Kevin is the father. Alex is the “boy”.

I can truly say that if I did not know the Bible. If I had not read the accounts of the works and deeds and acts of Jesus Christ in the Gospels; if I had not read about the acts of the apostles anointed by the Holy Spirit, the angel that appeared to Mary, and the angels that appeared to the Shepherds, Daniel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob; if I did not know about the RED SEA, the ten lepers, the widow of Nain’s son, the raising of Lazarus and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, I would never be able to believe what happened in this account in “ THE BOY WHO CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN”. It is an incredulous-sounding story of miracle after miracle, supernatural provision, one right after the other. It almost seems like a fairy tale, the imaginative concoction of a folk-tale spinner. But this story is real and I laughed and cried and praised and then cried some more. I will give short accounts as a book report as I continue to delve into this miraculous story.
This is the account of a horrendous automobile accident occurring in November, 2004, on a rural road in Ohio as father and son were driving home from the morning church service. The father, Kevin ,was thrown clear of the car but his little 6-year old son, Alex, strapped in the back seat of the car incurred such horrendous injuries that his spinal cord was severed from the neck and head thus causing “death”. But just before the little boy left his body, he saw five angels pick up his father very carefully, and lay him tenderly in the ditch. Shortly afterwards, Alex” left his body in the strapped seat and went to Heaven.
As he tells his story a couple of years later when he started to regain his speech, how his dad, Kevin, also had gone to Heaven where Jesus was healing his injuries “ to bring glory to Himself” . That’s when the Lord returned the father’s spirit to his body on earth, in the healing process, in the ditch. All this, Alex could see from Heaven while he stood there with Jesus.

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    Kevin , the father does not remember how long he had been unconscious, (later learning that he had been in Heaven being healed by Jesus, but did not remember as the Lord sent him back into his body in the ditch).
    Firemen, police and rescue squads swarmed around the accident scene as he dazedly became aware and a kind stranger wrapped strong arms around him and said, “Son, you have been in an accident” He staggered over to the horrid wreck that used to be the family car and looked in the back seat, desperately searching for his son, Alex. There sat Alex, still in his good church clothes, strapped in his seat belt amidst thousands of windshield shards, torn upholstery and twisted steel. “My firstborn, my son, he cried. I have killed my beloved son”
    Later, Kevin would find out that one of the first responders , who was a man of faith, had climbed into the back seat where little Alex sat motionless amidst the debris. He had no idea whether the little fellow was alive or dead but he started to pray and speak to the little guy, praying fervently over him, not knowing if he could hear or not, but praying and speaking positively to him and praying some more.
    When they finally put Alex on the emergency chopper, Kevin tried to go with them but was denied going to Children’s Hospital in the chopper. As the chopper lifted off, Kevin cried out, ‘Oh GOD, Please save my son! ‘ Then Kevin realized that his wife did not know about any of this. Oh, God, no! He had to call his wife, Beth, and tell her what he dreaded to say or even think about and the tears coursed down his face as he dialed her number. (to be contd.)

  2. Thank you for reading and writing your book report thus far MG. It is wonderful to read of the love of the Lord Jesus in healing the dad and of having a faithful responder be right there at the scene to pray for Alex. Can’t wait to read the next account.

  3. OH ho ho! You’ll have to wait to find out. But it will be sooo worth it when the GOD OF ALL COMFORT and PROVISION is on the scene, as always for His children, anything can happen! All things are possible with GOD. ….and it doesn’t always have to be ‘Saturday night’. An old tent preacher used to say that….”It’s Saturday night and anything can happen” It’s Jesus Christ and watch what happens!!!

    Then he remembered that he , Kevin the father, had been on the phone with Beth, his wife when the accident occurred. What agony must she be going through? She was at home with a newborn baby and a toddler. She must be out of her mind with worry and anxiety. Had she heard anything of the accident on the phone?
    As he heard her voice on the other end of the line, he broke down in sobs as he told her about the accident and Alex. She had not heard the accident occur as she had already hung up. She was strong, controlled and …strong! She asked if her son were dead but Kevin said he could not tell as they were loading the litter into the chopper, right now to go to Columbus, Ohio Children’s Hospital. Beth said she would pack up the babies and meet him there, an hour and one-half drive from their home.
    He tried, again, to board the chopper to go with his son but they asked him not to. He asked if he could pray for his son before they left. Then another God-intervention occurred. As the paramedics put Alex on the chopper, one of the men , later writing his testimony in the book, said that he had asked Kevin if he believed God would heal his son. When Kevin answered yes, the paramedic told Kevin that he and the nurse on board were born-again Christians and would Kevin allow them to pray for his son. Kevin responded ‘yes’ and once they got into the helicopter the paramedic laid his hand on little Alex’ head, prayed for him and simply thanked God that HE would do what He said in His Word. God would again prove His faithfulness to those who call upon His Name
    (next installment…..Alex in Heaven)

  5. God’s care and love demonstarted for this family is so inspriring to read of…that He had them surrounded by prayer and caring Christians as they go through their agony and trials.

  6. THE BOY WHO CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN pt. 4 “I Went To Heaven” (Alex)
    Little Alex continues the story from his vantage point in Heaven. His dad did not see the car coming, but Alex did. As he was about to tell his dad, the other car smashed into them. There was a moment of split silence before everything caved in. In that split second Alex thought in his little heart…”someone is going to die”. Then he looked and saw five huge angels carrying his father out of the car and into a ditch. He looked again and there sat the devil himself in the passenger seat. He pointed his finger at Alex and said, “Yeah, your father is dead and it is YOUR fault!”
    “Then I was in Heaven and everything was perfect.’ He knew that he was terribly injured, that he was bleeding inside and that his breathing wasn’t working in his body on earth. As he went through a long, bright, white tunnel music was playing. He said he didn’t much care for the music that was being played on instruments with really long strings. (Harps?) I guess to a six year old child, harp music might not be among one’s favorites. But when he got to heaven the music was very powerful and he loved it.
    As he arrived in Heaven the five big angels that had carried his dad out of the car were there. He says his father, Kevin was also in Heaven, and the angels stayed with Alex while his dad was alone with God.
    After God healed Kevin, He sent his spirit back to his body in the ditch.
    In the meantime, Alex’ mother Beth had driven her two year old, four year old and the baby that she had just given birth to two days ago, to the hospital. As she drove into the hospital parking lot, she spotted a Medflight uniformed man. She called out to him from her car window, that she had a six year old crash victim who’d arrived on a helicopter. “Were you on that flight?” she asked. Is my son all right?
    And once more is shown the power of God’s merciful intervention, again and again reigning over this whole dramatic episode in this little boy’s life. The Medflight commander answered her question with a question of his own. He asked Beth if she were a Christian. When she answered yes, he told her that she would see some horrible things when she went into the trauma room where Alex was. And that they would tell her and her and Kevin that Alex was going to die, if not already dead. He continued,” But I laid hands on your son and I prayed for him in the name of Jesus. I’m telling you….He is NOT going to die.”
    –to be contd.

  7. MG, this is a wonderful story. I am at the edge of my seat. Thank you for sharing. You give a great book report.

  8. So caring and comforting of the Lord to show us a glimpse of what heaven is like and such a powerful account of the gift of faith given to that Medflight commander in this part of the book report.

  9. Yes, that word of faith….”He is not going to die” gave hope and comfort to the mother who had no idea at this point of the horrid condition of the body of her son. Very soon, would she find out. That’s when God’s faithfulness comes through…at the darkest of hours.

    **(footnote by the paramedic who prayed in the helicopter) When he realized that the lady in the car was Alex’ mother a holy boldness filled his heart. He knew in the spirit that the med. Staff would tell them that Alex would die but he felt confident in the Lord that Alex would live. She and her husband ‘s part was just to hang on to that faith and he reminded her that God honors His Word and Alex would be healed. After she left, the paramedic said to the effect…oh where did that boldness come from, but he knew that he knew that Alex would be healed.
    Although Beth pleaded with the doctors to let her see Alex they refused. When Kevin arrived at the hospital later, there were forty people already gathered at the hospital waiting room praying and interceding for Alex; people from their home church and people from other churches, praying and calling out to God in Alex’ behalf.
    Meanwhile, Alex was standing near the ceiling watching everything that was happening to his body. And Jesus was there standing beside him. He was not afraid and felt safe and secure with Jesus there. While the medical staff worked frantically on my body which had turned blue, Jesus told me that I would survive the accident and that later I would be able to breathe on my own. Then HE took me into Heaven because He didn’t want me to’ see what they were doing to my body and have to remember it later and be scared.’ When he got into Heaven he then saw one hundred and fifty pure, white angels calling his name. It was almost scary because of the brilliance of the scene. Then they started chanting , “Alex go back” and back he went! But Jesus went with him and held him in His arms during the entire time he was in the ER.
    ( This is most incredible….what a lovely and compassionate Lord God Almighty)
    The xrays showed the spinal cord ripped from the skull. What finality. When his parents left the conference room with the doctors, they found even more people gathered and agreeing in prayer. Their pastor prayed out in a loud, intercessory voice, “Oh Lord, we know that Alex is with You (which was actually true as He was holding Alex in His arms even as the doctors worked on him) Pastor continued, ‘the doctor s have spoken, now Lord, we await YOUR word on the matter!”

  11. What an incredible contrast….’what finality’ concerning the boy’s seeming medical condition and yet the Pastor’s certainty of the weight and judgement of God’s decision, ‘YOUR word on the matter!” being the final authority.

    Dr. Onders’ report says that “the vertebrae were completely detached. The tendon sheath around the spinal column was severed at the base of the brain. The injury was so high on the spinal column it is simply incredible (UNBELIEVABLE) that Alex survived.” (Christopher Reeves’ and Alex’ doctor)
    The section where Alex was began to look and feel like a church. The prophetic gifts began to flow as God gave words of complete and full healing to Alex. And not only that! Prophetic words were coming forth about the call of God on Alex’ life, not just in a pastoral ministry but a world-wide calling that would build after Alex was completely healed. What shape or form that would take was yet to be revealed by the Lord but the proclamation came forth.
    So many God-incidences took place and have taken place in this whole drama. A skilled techy came by who knew exactly how to build a website for Kevin to take Alex on line. The name of the website was They added a GLOBAL Prayer Group that demonstrated within days the intercessory power of prayer around the world. Peoples from many nations would report on- line that their entire churches were lifting Alex up in prayer.
    At this point in the book Alex has an insert comparing Heaven and earth. He writes that Heaven is perfect and things on earth are warped compared to what he sees in Heaven when he visits, frequently. He says there are lakes and other “natural” things, and there are also things in Heaven that we do not have here on earth.” Heaven is just NOT like earth”
    There are more incredible miracles that are coming so miraculous that only God could orchestrate what happened next.
    ___to be contd.

  13. God’s ways are surely beyond our thinking. And how important the prophetic word is to bring forth and set in motion God’s will. An amazing account.

  14. The prophetic and apostalic ministries have been set forth in the Body of Christ by the Lord, especially for these end times. Prophecy is for edification, exhortation, warning, encouragement and comfort for God’s people. This will play a big part in our story of little Alex….but also for all of us who are seeking the Lord in our daily lives.

    In an effort to be truly transparent and honest, Kevin tells that in the traumatic events that ensued the horrible accident, the surgeries, the huge financial stresses and the constant living on the edge, their marriage took a battering. Despite the marvelous miracles, one right after the other, there were terribly difficult days in between, three other children that needed great attention, a new-born infant only a few weeks old, finances dwindling at a speedy rate, and constant and daily runs back and forth to the hospital, not for weeks or months but year after year, after the accident.
    Kevin writes that when he and Beth took their eyes off Jesus, even for a moment, mole hills became raging volcanoes; each caught up with their own pain and fear about Alex as he lay comatose in the hospital.
    One night while Kevin was home with the children and Beth at the hospital praying over Alex, an ice storm formed from which he and the children fled to safety at a relative’s home, because the electricity had gone off and the house would soon be too cold for little ones to endure. When he returned the next morning, to his chagrin, he discovered a huge tree had fallen directly on his house and smashed the roof in. But in a few days an army of ten earthly angels from his church came with chain saws and cut all the trees that were broken across his yard and roof. Kevin said it would be one of many more of God’s great ability of provision for them in this crisis and trial that they were going through. He hired a man from the church to oversee the gutting and reconstruction of the house, roof and all the damaged areas. Kevin became aware that the roofing crew of about fifteen men were taking their vacation time and taking days off to work on the huge repair job, in the middle of the Winter. When Kevin pulled the foreman aside to talk about paying the men as soon as he could gather the money , the foreman rebuked him saying that this was the best-paying job they had ever had and there would be NO CHARGE for the work that took almost two years to finish the reconstruction of the roof, floors, decks, ceilings and outside of the terribly damaged residence. ANOTHER MIRACLE of the PROVISION OF GOD ALMIGHTY. But Oh God there is more, more, more. That is our God. The God of more blessing.
    (to be contd.)

  16. I wanted to mention that in the center of the book are pictures of beautiful little children; little Alex, blonde headed, angelic looking! Really. In one picture he is wearing a Superman costume. Little did he know, nor his parents, that shortly thereafter he would be called upon, by His God Whom he loved, to become a super hero for the Lord.
    In one of her books, Gwen Shaw writes that the Holy Spirit told her that,”if you would see the terrible trials and testing of My children you will know who is highly favored, The greater the trials and testings allowed in those lives, the greater the honor and glory. That’s why Paul could say, ‘ I will glory in my infirmities.’
    But ultimately….OH! the reward!!

  17. As we see the constant sufferings of “little. Children” our hearts at times are so broken for their suffering and we so wonder why? It is good to be reminded of God’s golden rewards for them.

    O how we know Gwen Shaw has loved the children and shown it with her work through the world. Thank God for those that hear the call and obey.

  18. Also those that gave and volunteered must have faced their own testings, motives and decisions as they endeavored to follow the Lord’s directives. Quite a story.

    To be truthful, not only did Kevin’s & Beth’s marriage take a battering for which they sought godly counsel and did receive much help and encouragement but their finances took a battering. First of all the new baby’s birth had NOT been covered by insurance. And now with Alex’ “astronomical” hospital expenses and fees they felt there was nowhere to turn. Kevin’s professional counseling practice had also taken a battering with having to cancel appointments because of the hospital situation and the sharing of the care of the other children. He had had little activity, if any, in that area of bringing in any income.
    One afternoon, as he anxiously thought about these things as he sat at Alex’ bedside a hospital rep. asked to speak with him….about the PAYMENT of his account. She asked Kevin to fill in some paperwork for the hospital finance dept. Kevin was embarrassed, as he had switched to a different medical group and was unsure of his status now with all of these hospital charges that were in the thousands of dollars and later found out that they would be in the millions. He told her frankly he did not know where the money would be coming from as he had none, at this time. She asked him if he would care to check into Medicaid. He answered that he believed that their family would not qualify for Medicare. But she surprisingly informed him that with four children, one having just been born and with his limited income at this time he would just fit UNDER the limit for Medicaid! And….Medicaid would pay the whole of Alex’ bill for all the hospital care, surgeries, medication, therapies and even the $10,000 for the birth of his little brother Ryan a few weeks ago.
    Kevin writes…”How can I describe my feelings over this huge boon? Overwhelmed; grateful; humble; ashamed. Yes, Lord, You have made Your point. I haven’t understood that my drop in income was part of Your perfect plan. But YOU knew in advance how to bless us. Why cannot I learn to walk in faith and to trust Your will?”
    Oh..yes. Do you believe that Almighty God has taken of the whole complete and total care of little Alex. Kevin’s father who is a physician writes ,” Does our daily focus on the ordinary events of life dampen our awareness of the providential and miraculous events occurring in and around us all the time?”
    Good question Dr. Malarky. I think you have hit upon something!!
    __to be contd.

    To see how God had covered every aspect of this crisis with His wisdom and providence, even Kevin’s father, (Alex’ grandfather) who is a well-known surgeon and medical conference speaker, gave his son excellent spiritual counsel. Kevin said “Dr. Malarky’s incredible perspective on life and what is really important gives him amazing power in everyday living” And after listening patiently to Kevin and giving good counsel, moral and spiritual, Kevin said that he would always end the conversation by mentioning someone else who was in a struggle in his/her life to shed light and proper perspective and to better comprehend the scope of Kevin’s own problems.” What great wisdom. “Awareness of others and their problems, is a healthy antidote to self-focus.”
    Kevin writes that after Alex had been in the coma for a few weeks they brought his little brother Aaron, who was Alex’ best buddy, to see Alex. They explained that Alex was in a deep sleep, to allay the possibility that Aaron would not understand when Alex did not respond to him. Aaron wanted to bring his brother a toy they both loved to play with. Aaron began to talk to Alex, showing his comatose brother all the features of the toy and demonstrating all its attributes just as if the TWO of them were engaged in play. Kevin, to help the situation, or so he thought, said gently to Aaron…”Remember, Aaron, Alex is asleep. He can’t hear you.” The little brother turned and looked his father straight in the eye and declared with absolute confidence, “He can hear me!”
    CHRISTMAS in the midst of Crisis. Kevin says this about that. We had no money, our beloved son was in a coma, the house was in shambles…AND THE PRESENCE OF GOD WAS MORE REAL TO US THAN EVER BEFORE!”
    __to be contd.

  21. It looks like wisdom and truth came from the young as well as the older/mature in this account. So amazing how many people were involved in this family’s life to give them the aid they needed at each turn.

    As we have seen, God had a praying man as a first responder to the accident; God provided a prayer warrior who was a flight paramedic lay hands on Alex in the med helicopter as it flew to children’s hospital. God prompted scores of prayer people to go to the hospital keeping prayer vigils. Jehovah Jireh saw that the millions of dollars that the surgeries, treatments, medications and therapies that Alex would need were completely and totally paid for. When the tree fell on their house, the church men took over and removed the debris and practically rebuilt the whole house, GRATIS! They refused any money concerning this project but said the Lord had told them to do it. Alex saw the angels carry his father to safety. Jesus held Alex in His arms while he was being resuscitated and his spinal column was being reconnected. There were many more things that the Lord would do for this family that are beyond human comprehension. i will try to hit the other highlights as there are so many spiritual feats the Lord is accomplishing in this family’s life, as Debi commented above, that all honor and glory and praise go to the most High God and great adoration and devotion, forever.

  23. Alex’ comments on angels pt.10
    Alex says in his book,(from the perspective of his experiences) that angels are completely white and have wings. The ones in Heaven are larger. They have visited him many times and he gets a little frightened when more than one comes at the same time. Some of the angels seemed small in size and Kevin told Alex that perhaps they appeared smaller so that Alex would not be so frightened when they appeared, but neither of them is sure of this thought.
    Alex explains that different angels have different jobs. One makes him feel better and restores his courage; another helps him open his mouth to try to form words. One places his ‘hand” on Alex’ heart and chest to help him breathe and become stronger. And even when he still couldn’t speak they heard him all the while working over him and singing beautiful song to the Lord as they ministered to him.
    Visitors say that when Alex has been with the angels, his face is glowing…sort of like Stephen’s face as he looked up to Heaven and saw the Lord. When people ask me to describe them all I can say is, “beautiful, awesome and incredible.”
    Some angels are messengers, some warriors and worshipers. One group guards the wall of Heaven. They are the tough angels.
    One prayer warrior tells the story that as she sat beside Alex’ bed the night before his connective surgery she sensed angelic activity ministering in the room as she interceded for Alex. Several days later another woman who is an artist called to say that she had had an inspirational vision of Alex which she painted on canvas. When the painting was unwrapped there it was. Alex lying in the hospital bed with three angels ministering and laying hands on Alex’ neck and throat. Neither woman had known the other’s experience concerning this. It was God-breathed!
    __to be contd.

  24. So interesting to read of the angels and their different jobs and ministries….and that the Lord allowed Alex to experience it and then share it.

    As the months passed Alex remained in a coma and the hospital had to decide what to do with him. The medical staff started preparing Kevin and Beth by teaching and training them how to take care of this comatose child AT HOME! They had to learn how to medicate, feed and clean him; monitor the many pieces of equipment needed to keep him alive. And all through this the parents’ faith began to grow exponentially. Kevin wrote to his son, who someday he hoped, could read this letter…”I prayed Ephesians 3:20 for you, Alex. “Now all glory to God Who through His mighty power is able to work within us to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think”. The letter goes on as a beautiful missive of praise and thanksgiving and expression of love for God and for his little son.
    On January 8, two long, arduous months Kevin’s father Dr. Malarky called him from the hospital saying…that Alex was coming back to them. For the first time, he was responding as he tracked his grandfather’s wedding ring with his eyes open. It was like a miracle. It WAS a miracle. It would take a long, long recovery time but little Alex was on his long journey home. Each day brought him a little closer to them. Then his little brother Aaron made him grin with some silly boyish antics for the first time when no one else nor anything else had worked to get a facial response. Immediately, there was a cheer in the hospital room that went up among the prayers, there.
    This is a poem Kevin wrote to his son concerning this small but victorious event.
    Alex cannot walk
    Jesus walked on water
    Alex cannot talk
    God spoke the universe into existence
    Alex cannot breathe
    The Holy Spirit is the breath of life
    I will NOT look to the world
    But to the Word
    I will not look to my son
    But to my FATHER
    I will not fall victim to the prison of circumstance
    I will worship my GOD and abide in His hope.
    Let it be….. (KEVIN MALARKY about his son Alex)
    ___to be contd.

    When the therapist gave the grim news to Kevin that Alex was not responding to therapeutic techniques; he would not give any indication that he heard or knew or understood or would ever understand, Kevin became desolate and was in fear of losing his faith. He had hoped and prayed for the day when Alex would start to react and respond and give some indication that his brain was NOT injured and that he would NOT just vegetate, physiologically. And then another miracle. A friend came in to cut Alex’ hair that had grown even when he had been in the coma and now that he was somewhat awake it was time to shear the disheveled little head of hair. While Kevin sat on Alex’ bed and held the mirror for the barber, Alex got a glimpse of himself for the first time since the accident. When he caught sight of himself, it triggered something in his little psyche. He began immediately to try to make his facial muscles move, staring intently at himself and endeavoring to work the muscles in his face, to make expressions. This little guy was a fighter and he would be inspired by the Lord to overcome, determined to be healed and to fulfill his destiny that the Lord had planned for his life. As Alex “practiced” his facial gymnastics his command of his facial muscles grew. With this little victory…which really was a miracle for a ‘dead boy’, he moved on to accomplish another task….the ability to SPEAK. We are so blessed, those of us who can see and hear and speak but this little guy had to learn how to make sounds and then articulate those sounds into discernible language. At the onset he was really communicating in an “unknown tongue” but eventually with longsuffering and patience they started to ascertain what he was trying to say.
    One day while Kevin was there at Alex’ bedside a church member was visiting and keeping a section of the prayer vigil at his bedside. As they were speaking Alex’ countenance suddenly changed and he opened his mouth very wide and remained so. His eyes began to dart in all directions. Suddenly, Kevin said….are there angels in this room, Alex? Alex smiled! When he smiled Kevin knew that was a “yes”…but Alex was looking at the prayer warrior in the room. Kevin asked him if the angel were standing behind the person praying and Alex indicated with curled lips YES! At that moment, Alex, with utter intensity formed the first word that he had ever spoken since the coma….”MOM”. And then…. “Dad”. It was an observation that the angels had strengthened his vocal cords and all the things that have to do within the human body with speech.
    “Are they not all ministering spirits come to minister in the behalf of God’s people?”
    ____to be contd.

    (FROM ALEX) The angels were everywhere. It was a little frightening there were so many. Some put their hands on my chest to help me breathe; others started to help me talk. They helped me to start saying a word, for the first time. The word came out. It was ‘Mom’. “The angels could hear me and they kept encouraging me to talk”
    All through this Alex never lost his sense of humor as a little boy. The treach tube stuck down his throat; being a quadriplegic on a respirator being x-rayed constantly, MRI’s poked and prodded. But the angels kept visiting him and when the pastor came to pray many angels were visible to Alex, alone, but they were there.
    Later Alex would describe the whole ‘death” scene moment by moment…things he could not have known as he was ‘dead” but standing with Jesus looking down at the accident scene and all the things that were going . He had an accurate description of them that only a witness could have known. Then Alex described to them what happened in the operating room with all the surgeons and medical personnel . He told his parents that Jesus told him to tell them all about it. Next___the Homecoming.
    __to be contd.

  28. What an incredible journey Alex is making and to read of the care and attention the angels provide for him all the way shows so much of the Lord’s love and concern.

  29. Little Alex’ testimony is a witness to the triune nature of man…made in the image and likeness of GOD. His physical body was still strapped in the car seat in that horrible accident where his spinal cord was severed from his brain stem..(dead) but his little spirit and soul were standing up in the Heavenlies with Jesus, intently watching the whole procedure. But JESUS was in control and Alex was not afraid.
    He would eventually COME BACK FROM HEAVEN.

  30. MG,
    I have been blessed, this morning, as I have read all parts to this story. I am looking forward to reading about the “homecoming”.

    The decision to bring their son Alex home from his death/near death experience was a heart wrenching one. Of course, they wanted their child home with them, with his siblings, but Oh the medical responsibilities they would have to be prepared to undertake!! When they brought him home in the ambulance, strapped to a gurney, a mob of people welcomed them. The house had been decorated like a returning war hero’s welcome and ” the meals flowed in like manna” from church and neighbors. Men appeared to set up swing sets for the children and whenever there was a big job to do around the house, men showed up from somewhere and did the job for the family, quickly and gratis. The pastor came to pray often, occupational therapists, physical therapists, a speech therapist, respiratory therapist, nurses working around the clock shifts. And all of these wonderful people loved and ministered to Alex.
    Little Alex learned to use facial signs and muscles to make his intentions, wants and needs known and to answer questions.
    One of the more shocking incidents occurred when Alex was able to speak a little more and he asked his father if he were his daddy. When Kevin replied that he INDEED was his daddy, Alex said, ‘because my daddy was killed in a car accident and he’s in Heaven.” For Alex had seen his father in Heaven. But Kevin explained that he had been thrown from the car and later Alex would tell, as I have said before, that the angels carried him out of the rubble into the ditch and because of Alex’ prayers in Heaven, God restored him to life.
    Kevin at one point asked Alex what was it like when you moved back into your body after being in Heaven, to which Alex replied, “OUCH!
    ___to be contd.

  32. God sure continues to supply all necessary help and support to this family to keep them and Alex moving forward. It is amazing to read as the account continues to unfold.

    After being home for a short period of time a crisis arose where Alex could not breathe through his vent that was in his throat because of a mucus build up. They had to transport him to the hospital but the little community hospital did not know nor did they have the facilities to treat little Alex. So he had to be transported to children’s hospital as he became unresponsive and Kevin was in a frenzy to save this little guy’s life. During the next year, they would transport him back and forth five times as the crises arose. As Kevin and Beth became more and more anxious over Alex’ recovery, Kevin said it was only the faithful prayers of the saints who were ceaseless in their praying at every turn of events.
    One Sunday, the pastor of the church and the church people held an honorary service for Alex to give glory to God for all the HE had done in Alex’ life and consequently all those who had become a part of the miracle of this little child’s recovery. His father reiterates that as he wheeled Alex down the aisle of the church there was a standing ovation from all the church members who had prayed for him. His father whispered in his ear…”remember that this not about you”. Alex rolled his eyes as if to say, “Daddy that’s what I have been telling you all along…it’s NOT about me” God had made this little boy wise through the trials that he had been through and continued to go through, for after all….he had been to Heaven and he knew!
    Little Alex says that he wants people to know that God is real and Heaven is real and that God is his Daddy in Heaven and understands and cares for His children a lot. Alex says that someday he wants to be a missionary. And if he can’t be a missionary he wants to be a catcher for the Houston Astros. And if he can’t be a catcher for the Houston Astros then he wants to be a stand up comedian. He is all boy.
    One Sunday morning service, a Voice kept saying to Kevin, Alex is going to be healed. It became persistent and finally when they called for prayer at the close of the service Kevin felt led to go forward to be prayed for. He bribed his little son Aaron who did NOT want to go up with all the crowd of people at the altar praying, by promising him a Dairy Queen Ice Cream on the way home. After the prayer service where the prayers confirmed through prayer that Alex was going to be healed by the Lord, they stopped at Dairy Queen to make good on his promise to his younger son, Aaron. Amazingly, the young man behind the counter said, “do you recognize me?” Kevin did not and asked him who he was. The young man said, “My name is Chris and I was the first one at the accident scene when you crashed and I prayed for your little son in the back seat of the car.” Kevin knew that God had arranged this “chance meeting” as a confirmation that indeed, “I will heal you son”.
    __to be contd.

  34. This account really shows the importance and yet the struggle of praying and not giving up and the lengthy journey that healing can take…not all instant.

    Kevin, the dad, tells of one incident right after he heard the Lord tell him that HE would heal Alex, when Kevin walked into the hospital room and saw that Alex was pale and scared. When he asked Alex what was wrong, the little guy called out that the devil was attacking and accusing him of many things and Alex couldn’t call out the name of Jesus. “I can’t say it, dad, I can’t say Jesus.” Kevin was very upset and they started to pray. Then Kevin called a prayer warrior on the bedside phone and asked the man to pray and intercede for Alex. The man began to pray and call out to the Lord and rebuke the enemy while Kevin held the phone up to Alex’ ear right there in the hospital bed. Slowly, the color began to come back into Alex’ face and he started to relax and soon the enemy left him through the prayers of the saint at the other end of the phone. “I can say His Name, now, dad. JESUS JESUS JESUS” They both held hands and called out the Name over and over. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.! Then about fifteen minutes later the fright returned to Alex’ eye and his face paled again. It was another demonic, accusatory attack on this little boy. Kevin asked if Alex wanted him to call the prayer warrior again but this time little Alex said that he wanted he and his dad to do the warfare. So for the next hour they prayed and talked about the Lord and prayed some more. By 10:15 p.m. Alex was ok and they both slept peacefully together in the hospital room. The next morning the phone rang in the room and it was the prayer warrior calling. He asked if Alex had had another attack shortly after he had prayed for him on the phone. Kevin said, as a matter of fact that had happened. The prayer warrior explained that after he had hung up he felt in his spirit to keep interceding so he got down on the floor of his home and prayed mightily for Alex for another hour. Then he looked up in the Spirit and saw God, seated on the throne holding a scepter. Then he heard the voice of God say, in the Spirit, “It is finished.” He then stopped praying and noticed that the clock read 10:15 p.m. Glory be to GOD!
    ___to be contd.

  36. Even though the miraculous power of God has been so evident in Alex’s life, this shows that there is still a spiritual battle going on. The devil doesn’t just give up and go lie down easily.
    “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 NLT

    One place it seems the enemy tries to get us and weaken us is by bringing guilt and accusations that can only be answered by the finished work of Christ on the cross on our behalf. The enemy’s relentless accusations can wear us down….
    “the one who accuses them before our God day and night.” (Rev 12: 10)…so important to have intercessors standing with us in our dark hours and battles.

  37. That’s so true, Debi. Later in the story we will see that although this little guy is like 6 or 7 years old, the experiences he has had with the Lord make the devil tremble and he will continue to attack Alex either spiritually or physiologically, from time to time. But all throughout this whole story, the prayer of the saints comes into large play in the miraculous events of this little boy’s life, presided over by the Lord. Thank God for & bless the intercessors who have learned to focus on the Lord concerning the problem and NOT on the problem, itself.

  38. Prayer of the Saints come into large play for all of us. I hope we remember that as we pray daily for one another. What a privilege to be prayed for and to pray for others. As the hymn says, “What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer…..”

    “What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!
    What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!
    O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear,
    All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.”

  39. THE BOY WHO CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN (final thoughts)
    Alex still visits Heaven, periodically. He arrives just inside the gates. The Angels who guard the gate are always buzzing with excitement about the day of Jesus’ return to earth. They also tell Alex not to be afraid, because of the excellent glory of God which is pretty overwhelming, there, for a mortal. Alex then enters the Temple, speaks to angels on the way and then to GOD Himself. Though his legs do not work on earth, at this time, in Heaven Alex can transport himself on his own two legs wherever he goes. Alex says, “It’s different in Heaven.”
    He says a very interesting thing…that he misses GOD when he is with HIM because he knows he will have to leave HIM in a little while. Alex says when he returns from a visit with GOD he usually cries. When Kevin asked his son to pray for him, one time, Alex told his dad, ” Daddy, my brain through the Holy Spirit is always in communication with God. My mouth is for talking to people.”
    Alex believes with all his heart that he will walk again on his own and live to proclaim the Kingdom of God to the earth.

  40. Alex is not fully healed yet But the lives he has touched for the Lord and the Kingdom are innumerable, even ours, as we have read about this wonderful miracle that God has in the works, still. There is no doubt in Alex’ or his parent’ mind that Alex will one day walk. The Ohio license plate on the Malarky car reads:

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