Jack Frost, I have not felt the tickle of you nipping at my nose or toes! Nor, have I seen a flake of snow for you, Old Jolly to ride! Sure hope a blade of grass or old brown leaves will help to improvise your trip to tinsel town.
My list is getting longer as the good old days keep flying by. The nativity scenes are sparse on the lawns and windows of stores giving me the look of forlornness. The crosses made from  ancient wood have been abandoned right before my eyes. But, I see a looming Star that tells the story with nativity alive rather than still born.
Some say the 25th of December is for the little children only. Sad, to think I would let my heartless heart and mind define the story of a New Born King that came as a Messiah to a hurting world.  A King that’s not a fairy tale but an Eternal Light with a forever Kingdom. There are many that flock to a gravesite that houses bodies of many soldiers and Our Nation’s Elite just to see an eternal flame that burns on President Kennedy’s grave. As honorable as it is we must remember it is only a temporary flame.
We so want many times to see flames of fire, flying angels, and burning bushes to confirm our stories that we substitute the real with a flying Santa, lustful flames and digital angels. Of course it brings a little fun to our day!
When my home is filled with wrapping paper that cost more than the little alms/omen given to a poor child that represents the Christmas of years gone by; what will I say to those in my room with eyes waiting for hope. Will I be able to tell the truth of confidence in peace and hope not because of what masterful item one holds in their hand but because of the One that holds their hand.
I want to practice my story by being prepared for the big day, December 25, that blows the family budget while Jolly Old shakes in his boots thinking of American’s Fiscal Cliff. For as the Cliff goes so goes a chip off this old earth. Let me pull out the truth from Isaiah, Jeremiah and some other old wise men  that predicted just how things would go. Where is my origin in their story of a King to be borne?  “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

Gift Giving


In the lessons of the worship service this morning, Sara made a statement that caught my attention as she was teaching about gift giving, especially during this season [but not exclusively].  She said, “How will my voice sound when I extend my hand with a gift to another?”  

What she was saying in essence was this.  Will I take this glory unto myself, that I am a great gift-giver; look at me and my generosity.  Or will the gift I present to another have a gift tag that reads….”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life”….’and I extend this gift to you in His love and in His Name that you might meet the eternal God and Savior Jesus Christ Whose birth we celebrate  at this season.’

Will we substitute ourselves as the great gift-giver, taking honor from the GREATER THAN of all [another point of Sara’s lesson in worship] Who is God Almighty?  Will we substitute our temporal gift for His unspeakable Gift, Jesus Christ?  Or will we, along with our gift give the  only REASON for giving at all.  That is, to share with the recipient(s),  the Gospel of the Kingdom, that God has sent His Son and He has sent Him for you!

By MG Henry, if you want to know more about this gift email me:  mgsingsong@aol.com