The Ballerina

Dedicated: in memory of my mother, Hettie Ruby Raynor
On a tiny shelf sat the most beautiful ballerina. She had every hair swept up high and in place. She had a flawless complexion and the perfect ballerina pose. She was high on her toes, and the dance floor was hers to command. Her costume gave a light and airy appearance with rose buds scattered here and there. Her dream was to dance before her King. She trained and trained and became better and better at the art of ballet. Her legs became strong and movement was easy because her heart was in the dance.

Ballerina 001(photo by Rena Oynes)

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Once upon a time there were twin sisters name Toto and Grace. They lived in a sweet little pink house in the land called LORDSLAND. They were very happy children and tried to always do their best in all that they did.

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click for larger view (photo by Jon)


Present for the King

This story is dedicated to all the loving Daily Lilies

On one Christmas season in a small village the people were getting ready to
present their presents before the king. Presents had been sought from the four
corners of the earth. Nothing could be spared for such a royal occasion. The
King was the finest King that had ever rules. He had a heart for the people.
The presents were lavishly decorated. The colors were of a kingly nature –
reds, golds and purples trimmed in gold and silver.

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Master of the Garden by Rena

In a small rural town, nestled in between the mountains was found a mansion of monumental size. The gardens around this mansion were exquisite. Not a weed could be found. The flowers and flowering shrubs were well kept. The master made sure that the flowers obtained just the right amount of sunlight, water, and fertilizer. He walked the paths of the garden daily and talked and prayed over his flowers. As he talked to them they grew in excellence turning their heads to the sun as if breathing in the very Sun. They were so glad to be alive in this garden that if they had not been attached to the ground, they would have danced before the Master of the garden

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