Tribute to the Daily Lilies by Rena @2012

A Lily stood straight and tall in a small garden patch viewed by the window of the world The great I AM, the Lord God had dressed her for the occasion with an orange fragile blossom that when fully unfolded delighted everyone who passed by Though its life was to be short lived on Earth,Continue reading “Tribute to the Daily Lilies by Rena @2012”

Ceppos Flies Free by Rena @2012

“Ouch!  Oops!  I can’t get off the ground!  What wrong with me.  Aren’t I a bird!  Aren’t these wings supposed to fly!  What this thing in my throat!  I’m choking on what, what is it!”  yelled Ceppos! “Get over it Ceppos!  Its just a case of nerves,”  Momma bird said. “A case of nerves, what do youContinue reading “Ceppos Flies Free by Rena @2012”