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Share Your Joy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Anonymous

“The genuinely happy person shares his joy and reaches out to those who are in distress. Show him that you care.”


Happy Birthday Needles

We bless you today, Tammy. We thank you for timely wisdom that you give us daily as you use the beautiful gift of encouragement that God has given you for each of us and you are obedient to write here daily to encourage us. The gift of encouragement God has given you in words are like His when they come through a vessel/servant like yourself.

May you see God smile on you and your family today. See and hear His laughter in the reflection of these wind air balloons each and everyday as they fly over your little southern village to bless you and smile on you and yours.

I saw Jesus today!

I saw Jesus, today! I followed Him down dusty pathways, through steamy market places, across sandy dunes, over a raging sea and through waving wheat fields. Oh, I wasn’t the only one, but it felt as though it were just He and I.

And as we were walking toward a little town, Nain I think, is the name, here comes a funeral procession. A young man had suffered an UNTIMELY death leaving his poor, widowed mother all alone . Oh, the anguish on her face as she trudged alongside the bier. I looked at Jesus to see what He would do and I saw the compassion well up in His eyes and He went over and touched the bier. To my astonishment, the young man slowly sat up right in front of our whole crowd. We were filled with amazement as Jesus gave the young man back to his mother. No words can describe the joy on her face as she held her son in her arms. All I wanted to do was kiss His feet out of sheer reverence and adoration for such supernatural, compassionate work of this amazing Man.

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How can we practice what we can’t remember?

Today, my friend, Wendy asked if I could recite the ten commandments. I have to admit it, I could not remember them all, to recite them to her. Lord, forgive me, I want to practice them now; so I can recite them, and apply
them to everyday life.
I’d like to ask, how many of us can actually recite the ten commandments, with out cheating? (Exodus chapter 20: 1-17)


I wish you Love…from” The Power of Attitude”

by Mac Anderson August 1992. Derrick Redmond from Great Britain was covered to win the 400-meter race during the summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. But as he powered around the backstretch his hamstring snapped. Derrick tried desperately to finish the race, but he still had half the distance to go. Because he could’t walk, he began to hop. One step-a grimace, Two steps-a yell.


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Wrapped in Saran Wrap

The World is moving around you and you find yourself wrapped in Saran Wrap. If you breathe you can see your own condensation, dripping back on your head, chest and feet. You become soggy, damp and distressed.
Why one might ask? Maybe stymied in old ideas and ways that were soggy from the beginning. Or it may connote and or denote laziness and apathy. Neither laziness or apathy would be worthy in the ‘Book of Life’. If you are finding yourself wrapped and struggling to enjoy the breath of life with vitality and enthusiasm, check out some guidelines for eye popping change.


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Sicko- Documentary

“SiCKO (2007) is an Academy Award nominated documentary film by American filmmaker Michael Moore that investigates the American health care system, focusing on its for-profit health insurance and pharmaceutical industry.”

“Michael Moore sets his sights on the plight of the uninsured in this eye-opening documentary. In the world’s richest country, 45 million people have no insurance. While HMOs grow in size and wealth. Moore also explores the widespread use of antidepressants and their possible link to violent behavior. With his trademark humor and confrontational style, Moore asks the difficult questions to get to the truth behind today’s health care.” quote from the move cover.

I had a chance to watch this documentary recently. I believe it opens a great door for dialogue on an issue, health care, that is so vitally important to so many Americans and this presidential election.

Do you or anyone you know have a ‘story’ where medical insurance or lack of insurance has affected getting proper health care? Do you know of anyone with a story of lack of medications because of health insurance?

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