Quote of the Day

A Happy Mind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dr. William Menninger

“Let us define mental health as the adjustment of human beings to the world and to each other with a maximum of effectiveness and happiness. Not just efficiency, or just contentment—or the grace of obeying the rules of the game cheerfully. It is all of these together. It is the ability to maintain an even temper, an alert intelligence, socially considerate behavior, and a happy disposition.

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Spring into Fashion-Accessorize

What does your accessories say about you?
When I see a man giving a speech, or an anchor newsmen giving news, the first thing I do is check out his watch. Not the right watch, not sure what to think. Just my opinion. Now a tie is a must for me and it needs to somewhat match his suit of clothing. Whatever color or style he likes for his personality, career or taste is fine with me. But, a watch for a man speaks! It says time is important and how I ‘use my time’ will be valuable to you the listener.
A womans accessories covers all kinds of things from handbags, jewelry, hat, gloves. It should showcase her inner being or some might say it is a fake, or poor taste. Accessories for both men and women also include your smile, generosity of heart. Have you ever seen the music man, Bono, touring Africa and loving with great love and financial help, providing meds for the poor and HIV positive children and women.When you see Bono and listen to him you see ‘a heart’ that is bigger than the man or his song. He always seems to be wearing a big pair of sunglasses.” Bono says, [I have] very sensitive eyes to light. If somebody takes my photograph, I will see the flash for the rest of the day. My right eye swells up. I’ve a blockage there, so that my eyes go red a lot. So it’s part vanity, it’s part privacy and part sensitivity.” I saw him shaking hands with heads of state and wearing sunglasses. He knows how to accessorize.

432544376 0D4Edb6A21 M(photo by Jonathan Mar)

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Bible is America’s favorite book: poll

Tue Apr 8, 3:07 PM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – When it comes to literary pursuits in the United States most people agree on at least one thing — the most popular book is the Bible, according to a new survey.
“While the Bible is number one among each of the different demographic groups, there is a large difference in the number two favorite book,” Harris said in a statement announcing the results
Bible is America’s favorite book: poll – Yahoo! News

Calling Names

In view of a recent report of children calling their own classmates names, intending to put a derogatory slant on a particular ethnic group or other, I came upon the Epistle of James and found great enlightenment in his teaching concerning prejudices of every sort.

In the Old Testament Almighty God was exclusive in admitting those who could enter into the congregation of the Tabernacle; who could offer sacrifices; who could serve in the ministry.
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Gift of Encouragement and Healing

Good Morning Sara, I’d like to share with you, this beautiful letter that one of our physicians, Dr. Dimartino, sent to the CEO, after losing his father, recently. I know how you like to read and write, and I was so moved by his words.

“I compose this letter in gratitude to the staff of Chowan Hospital for their gentle and generous care of my father during his recent illness, and especially to the staff of the Skilled Nursing Unit, in whose compassionate hands he was fortunate to be in the days of his waning and death.

How surprised I was, after all the years I’ve worked in hospitals and nursing homes– popping in and out, writing a note, barking a little — to see as I sat with my father day by day the quiet movements of the place, barely noticed before. I received a powerful education in Christianity watching the aides and nurses as they quietly, unobtrusively made their rounds; turning the bedridden at two hour intervals, changing soiled diapers, bathing sallow wasted bodies. Each of these women has her own story; many of those stories are more tragic than the one my father and I were enduring, yet they performed this humblest work in love and compassion, their hands moving in self-forgetting peace and joy, drawing strength from their work. What an incomparable gift, to have the Lord’s hands.”

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