Part IV Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The footsteps that Alice heard pattering were not those of the mouse. Rather, they belonged to the White Rabbit who was muttering to himself about the Duchess executing him for he could not find his fan and gloves. When he sees Alice he calls her MaryAnn and commands her to go home at once andContinue reading “Part IV Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

Part III Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

If you recall, we ended Alice’s last adventure with the birds and animals and Alice swimming from her pool of tears to shore. What a bedraggled, ‘queer-looking party’ stood on shore. (My! but our lack of self-control can have serious repercussions on so many others besides our self.) Thankfully,Mouse had a plan though on howContinue reading “Part III Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

Part II Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

We left off in our last Wonderland Adventure with Alice having shrunk small enough to get through the door that leads to the beautiful garden, but having left the door key on the table. Failing in her attempt to climb up the table, she decides to eat a little cake left in a box underContinue reading “Part II Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

For Christmas I received a ‘listening library’ of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from Jon M. I found it interesting on reading the cover of it that the author, Lewis Carroll was such a diverse person, a mathematician, photographer and clergyman. At Sara’s suggestion, I would like to share some observations and thoughts as I enjoyContinue reading “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

Is Jeremiah Wright-Right

Do you think Pastor Wright just may be deliberately trying to hurt Obama? If so, Why? Would God be happy with a shepherd hurting one of His sheep? Or, is he trying to make the Presidential race about him and his issues. Should we all be trying to make the race about our issues. ItContinue reading “Is Jeremiah Wright-Right”

Bible is America’s favorite book: poll

Tue Apr 8, 3:07 PM ET NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – When it comes to literary pursuits in the United States most people agree on at least one thing — the most popular book is the Bible, according to a new survey. “While the Bible is number one among each of the different demographic groups,Continue reading “Bible is America’s favorite book: poll”