Fashion Show-Barbara

I love fashion and dressing up! Dressing up is what we called fashion when Barbara and I were teens. My teen friend, Barbara, and I had a little fashion show and entertained our friends. What a blast! No Starbuck coffee or Barbara ice tea. Just cold water and that was the drink to beat the heat! She even knows how to make that taste just right. You go girl!

We sure missed Needles (Tammy) and Chickenfarmer (Wendy) but, they were riding roller coasters at Busch Gardens with their boys. I invite you now just click and enjoy the show with my friend, Barbara.

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Plug the Leak

The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico has the world buzzing on how to plug the leak. And, rightly so.

Some of us may be leaking from our inner man in much the same way. Our mouth is spouting out all kinds of harmful gases and showing just how defected our hearts and minds are. We have put our pipe line minds down deep in the oil wells of the heart and busy pumping out through our mouths for all its worth. The oil from the leak in the Gulf of Mexico has wrecked havoc on water, land and mammal. And, out mouths are havocking out humankind.
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What does your clothes say

about you? Do they show that God has given you;

“Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” Is. 61:3 The word “garment” in Hebrew teaches us to wrap or cover ourselves. I get the idea we should wrap ourselves in obedience like a beautiful gift where no intruders can infiltrate our minds and take away our purposes and goals.
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