A Reflection from the Mountaintop called Truth

A View from the Mountaintop called Truth Photo taken by Sara while visiting Scotland When you have the idea or a passion to view and then “tell the truth” always remember that truth is from the view you have of it and you only have a partial view and that view may not have beenContinue reading “A Reflection from the Mountaintop called Truth”

Measure of a Lie measures a man or woman

Measure of a Lie measures a man or woman! By Sara How does one measure a Lie? God Hates Lies! Proverbs 6:16 records this fact for us. The Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos reveals in Revelation 21:27 the outcome of falsehood. Also in Revelation 22:14,15 John gives a contrast between a lie andContinue reading “Measure of a Lie measures a man or woman”


“Stiffed Starched Shirts Hanging on a Clothesline” As I traveled South today with my laptop and looking out my windows upon cotton fields and clotheslines among the decorations of October Pumpkins and the beginnings of Fall Wonders, I see clothes, laundry, personal items hanging outside of one’s home on their clothesline. My friend of theContinue reading “STIFFED STARCHED SHIRTS HANGING ON A CLOTHESLINE”